Issue Information. Positive Health Externalities of Mandating Paid Sick Leave. Electronic Benefit Transfer and Food Expenditure Cycles. Is College Remediation a Barrier or a Boost? Evidence from the Tennessee SAILS Program. POLICIES TO REDUCE AND PREVENT HOMELESSNESS: WHAT WE KNOW AND GAPS IN THE RESEARCH. LURKING INFERENTIAL MONSTERS? QUANTIFYING SELECTION BIAS IN EVALUATIONS OF SCHOOL PROGRAMS. THE ROLE OF CARBON PRICING IN CLIMATE POLICY. THE GREEN NEW DEAL AND THE FUTURE OF CARBON PRICING. WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM THE GREEN NEW DEAL ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF EQUITY IN NATIONAL CLIMATE POLICY. POLITICAL VIABILITY, MARKET‐BASED STANDARDS, AND CLIMATE POLICY. Inside a Public Policy Black Box: Congress, FERC, and Private Electric Utilities. Achieving Social Equity: From Problems to Solutions by Mary E. Guy and Sean A. McCandless (Eds.), Melvin & Lehigh, Publishers, 2020, 194 pp., $42.95 paperback, $36.95 Kindle. JPAM Doctoral Dissertation Listing 2020. Announcements from APPAM. Issue Information. APPAM Presidential Address: Reflections on Who Counts and Why it Matters. Effects of Access to Legal Same‐Sex Marriage on Marriage and Health. The Effects of Special Education on the Academic Performance of Students with Learning Disabilities. The Effect of Title IX on Gender Disparity in Graduate Education. THE DETERRENT EFFECT OF SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS ON CRIME. CAN QUASI‐EXPERIMENTAL EVALUATIONS THAT RELY ON STATE LONGITUDINAL DATA SYSTEMS REPLICATE EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS? WHO'S IN AND WHO'S OUT UNDER WORKPLACE COVID SYMPTOM SCREENING? GENERATING EVIDENCE THAT INFLUENCES POLICY. TRANSLATING EVIDENCE INTO POLICY IMPACT: A CALL TO ACTION FOR FORMATIVE POLICY EVALUATION TO PROMOTE EVIDENCE‐BASED DECISIONMAKING. EFFECTIVE POLICYMAKING REQUIRES STRONG EVIDENCE: RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIALS AS THE FOUNDATION FOR EVIDENCE‐BASED POLICY. LONG‐TERM COLLABORATIONS WITH POLICY OPERATORS CAN FACILITATE EVIDENCE‐INFORMED POLICYMAKING DURING A TIME OF CRISIS. RIGOR, RELEVANCE, AND RESEARCHER INDEPENDENCE IN EVIDENCE‐BASED POLICYMAKING. Building a Resilient Tomorrow: How to Prepare for the Coming Climate Disruption. The Political Economy of InequalityThe Political Economy ofInequality: U.S. and Global Dimensions. AWARD GIVEN BY THE VERNON PRIZE COMMITTEE FOR VOLUME 39 OF JPAM. Announcements from APPAM. Issue Information. Notes from the Editor. Introduction to the Research Articles. FINANCING THE WAR ON DRUGS: THE IMPACT OF LAW ENFORCEMENT GRANTS ON RACIAL DISPARITIES IN DRUG ARRESTS. THE IMPACTS OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF COLLEGE INSTRUCTORS ON STUDENTS' ACADEMIC AND LABOR MARKET OUTCOMES. ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE WINNERS OF THE EXCELLENCE IN REFEREEING AWARDS. Announcements from APPAM. The Effects of Employment Counseling on Labor Market Outcomes for Adults and Dislocated Workers: Evidence from a Nationally Representative Experiment Nudges Don't Work When the Benefits Are Ambiguous: Evidence from a High-Stakes Education Program Discrimination at the Intersection of Age, Race, and Gender: Evidence from an Eye-Tracking Experiment Same-Sex Couples and the Gains to Marriage: The Importance of the Legal Environment Teacher Diversity and Student Success: Why Racial Representation Matters in the Classroom Religious Liberty and Education: A Casey Study of Yeshivas vs. New York COUNTERPOINT TO MICHAEL STRAIN THE ECONOMICS OF A $15 FEDERAL MINIMUM WAGE BY 2025 RESPONSE TO MICHAEL REICH My Brother's Keeper? The Impact of Targeted Educational Supports Issue Information. Notes from the Editor