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Pre-Cenozoic cyclostratigraphy and palaeoclimate responses to astronomical forcing Improving Earth science communication and accessibility with data sonification Drivers of Southern Ocean cooling Wind-wave climate changes and their impacts The impacts of climate change on coastal groundwater Firn on ice sheets Author Correction: Wind-wave climate changes and their impacts (Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, (2024), 5, 1, (23-42), 10.1038/s43017-023-00502-0) Using a tethered balloon to monitor atmospheric water vapour dynamics over the Tibetan Plateau Monitoring Earth’s climate variables with satellite laser altimetry Crop traits and production under drought Cu isotopes as tracers of anthropogenic pollution Drainage divide migration and implications for climate and biodiversity Sustainable pathways towards universal renewable electricity access in Africa Compact inverse Compton scattering sources to characterize and map radionuclides Firn on ice sheets (vol 5, pg 79, 2024) Short- and long-term variability of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets Assessing and addressing the global state of food production data scarcity The value of Antarctic and Southern Ocean ecosystem services Using multiparameter meters to monitor estuarine water quality Projections of an ice-free Arctic Ocean Growing demand for environmental science expertise in the corporate sector From academia to a career in geoscience consultancy From academia to a career in strategic water planning From academia to a career in the climate tech industry Correction to: The value of Antarctic and Southern Ocean ecosystem services (Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, (2024), 10.1038/s43017-024-00523-3) Particulate matter sampling to assess air pollution Arsenic and other geogenic contaminants in global groundwater Trapping atoms of krypton-81 to date groundwater and ice cores Climate change impacts and adaptations of wine production Ocean heat content in 2023 Precipitation extremes in 2023 Correction to: Geomorphic and ecological constraints on the coastal carbon sink (Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, (2023), 4, 6, (393-406), 10.1038/s43017-023-00429-6) Wildfires in 2023 Terrestrial water storage in 2023 Vegetation greenness in 2023 Global carbon emissions in 2023 Climate policy in 2023 Extreme terrestrial heat in 2023 Sea ice in 2023 From academia to a career in scientific publishing From academia to a career in climate journalism Replicating real-world microplastics with accelerated physicochemical ageing Chronicling the climate of 2023 The physical mechanisms of induced earthquakes Soil is a living archive of the Earth system Diverging estimates of river plastic input to the ocean Irrigation modelling needs better epistemology Measuring soil CO2 emissions with air-quality sensors Monitoring marine oxygen with pores in benthic foraminifera Brazilian forest fires cause toxic air pollution