Goldilocks and the Thanatron: A Response to Open Peer Commentaries. Spheres of Morality: Is There a Point? Against the Equality of Moral Spheres in Healthcare. Competing Duties and Professional Roles. Disentangling Normativity and Ethics. Ethics at the Edges: Normative Considerations When Spheres of Morality Overlap. Beyond Incommensurability and Appropriateness: Integrating the Telos of Medicine and Addressing Compartmentalization in the Spheres of Morality Framework. Virtue Ethics and the Spheres of Morality Framework. Circumscribing Morality: The Spheres and Their Limits. Occupying Multiple Practical Identities instead of Moving between the Moral Spheres: An Alternative Perspective on Physicians' Professional Ethics. What Is a Physician? Navigating Incommensurable Spheres of Role Morality. An Opportunity to Reconsider Fiduciary Framing in Medicine. We Need Role Fidelity and Integrity to Avoid Moral Compartmentalization, Not Sphere or Role Moralities. There Is Only One Sphere of Morality. Use Dignity, Not Its Parasites or Offspring. Physicians' Professional Role in Clinical Care: AI as a Change Agent. Intersecting Moral Spheres, and the Ethical Structures and Functional Roles of Military Medicine: Frameworks in-and for-Reciprocal Rectitude. A Decolonial Critique to the Spheres of Morality in the Medical Profession. Public Engagement with Human Germline Editing Requires Specification. Inclusion by Invitation Only? Public Engagement beyond Deliberation in the Governance of Innovative Biotechnology. What Kind of Popular Participation Does Bioethics Need? Clarifying the Ends of Public Engagement through Randomly Selected Mini-Publics. Not All Publics Are the Same-A Note on Power, Diversity, and Lived Expertise in Public Deliberation. It Takes Two to Tango: Fostering Engagement Within Citizen Juries. Varieties of Citizen Engagement in Deliberation about Biotechnology. In Defense of Expert Knowledge in Bioethical Discussions on Human Genome Editing. To the Editor. Canadian Medical Assistance in Dying and the Hegemony of Privilege. Translating Commercial Health Data Privacy Ethics into Change. Digital Privacy and Data Protection: From Ethical Principles to Action. The Urgent Need for a U.S. Data Protection Agency. The Ethical Data Practices Framework and Its Implications for Data Privacy Relations between the United States and the European Union. Responsible Processing and Sharing of Genomic Data: Bringing Health Technologies Industries to the Table. Beyond Individual Rights: How Data Solidarity Gives People Meaningful Control over Data. The Limits of a Voluntary Framework in an Unethical Data Ecosystem. Computational Ethics Tools to Audit Corporate Self-Governance in Data Processing. How a US Federal Privacy Law Covering Digital Health Services Can Put Autonomy Back into the Hands of the Patient. Strategies for Data Ethics Governance: Elevating Patient and Community Perspectives. It is Time to Shift from a Rights-Based Approach to a Common Good Approach in the Era of Big Data. Applying the Ethical Data Practices Framework to Digital Therapeutics. Empowering Queer Data Justice. No Means No: Respecting Dignity as the Fourth Principle of Ethical Data Extraction. Blockchain Technology for Ethical Data Practices: Decentralized Biobanking Pilot Study. Aid in Dying in Canada and the United States: Are U.S. States Too Cautious? Ethics of Love for End-of-Life Care: Beyond Autonomy and Efficiency. When Death Becomes Therapy: Canada's Troubling Normalization of Health Care Provider Ending of Life. Of Slopes and Ropes: Learning from the Diversity of European Regulations of Assisted Dying. Daryl Pullman on the Slippery Slope of MAID: Simple, Neat, and Wrong. Top Ten New and Needed Expansions of U.S. Medical Aid in Dying Laws. Different MAiD Laws, Different MAiD Outcomes: Expected Rather Than "Disturbing". Comparisons Only Yield Valid Mutual Learnings If Based on Accurate Descriptions of the Comparators.