중국어 회화교재에 사용된 담화표지 대조 분석 비즈니스 중국어 교재에 관한 소고 - 현황 분석 및 보완을 위한 제언 (2014년부터 2023년 사이 출간된 교재를 중심으로) 基於『等級標准』的HSK6级社会新闻话题部分命题趋势分析 - 以2010-2018年HSK6级真题为对象 중국어 감정형용사의 개념과 특성 『孟子』·「梁惠王 章句」主題文 硏究 现代汉语'V+C₁C₂+NP处'结构的使用现象硏究 閩方言與普通話'V有'結構中'有'的結果體功能分析 广东省内居民粤语语言态度探究 한국중국어교육학회 회칙 외 고등학교 『중국어 Ⅰ』 문화영역 문항 분석 연구 - 대학수학능력시험과 모의평가를 중심으로 汉语语音意识在阅读能力发展中的预测作用 소동파 시사 어휘 번역 연구 - 조규백과 류종목의 한역본을 중심으로 드라마를 활용한 응답표지어 ‘可不是’의 담화 기능 분류 및 어휘화 분석 元, 明, 淸시기 ‘遍’의 문법적 성질에 관한 고찰 한국중국어교육학회 회칙 외 A Study the Research Trends of Contrastive Analysis between Chinese-Korean Language Using Co-Occurrence Words Analysis The Influence of Morphological Awareness, Vocabulary Knowledge and Syntactic Knowledge on Korean-Chinese Children’s Chinese Reading Comprehension A Study on the Tone Sandhi of BU and YI in Chinese A Study on the Standardization of Chinese and Sino-Korean in the Late Joseon Dynasty and Their Relationship An Analysis of the Emerging Online Popular Construct 'X刺客' Strategies for Using Mimetic Words in Chinese-Korean Translations of Chinese Literature Novels: Focusing on the Chinese Novel 『草房子』 A Study of the Tone Rules in Antonymy Co-occurrence of Four-character Idioms A Cognitive Study on the Semantic Category of 'cold(冷)' and the Word Formation Mechanism of 'cold(冷)+X' Word Family A Study of Part-of-speech Classification and Relevant Issues Research on the 'Bu Guo + X' with the Subjective Colors of Small Quantity from Multiple Perspectives A Study on Correspondence Relationship between Chinese ‘NP+是+XP’ Construction and Korean Auxiliary Particle ‘은/는’ A Study on the Learning Utility of Feedback in Chinese-into-Korean Consecutive Interpreting: Focusing on 4 Feedbacks A Study on the Educational Application of Machine Translation and Associated Proposal Research on the Academic Chinese Needs of International Graduate Students Studying in China Study on the Combination Form of Four-Character Idioms with Antonymy Co-occurrence The Aanalysis on Asymmetric Temporal Denotations of qian and hou in Modern Mandarin: Based on Lakoff & Johnson (1999)’s Theory on the Metaphorical Orientation of Time A Study on the Classification of the Tern 'Bingfei' 중국 서브컬처 연구자의 단상 — 이슈로서의 중국에서 이슈 속의 중국으로 Knowing the Language and Knowing about the Language Proposal of Teaching Method for Middle School Chinese Textbook on the Metaverse Platform: Focusing on the Use of Gathertown Problem-based Learning in P-project Course: A Case Study A Case Study on the Chinese Writing Course Based on Team-based Learning in the Untact Era Improvement of the Teacher Training Curriculum to Strengthen the Job Competency of Chinese Assistant Teachers: Focusing on the CPIK Pre-training Cases A Study on the Application of Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) to Chinese Education: Integration Class on the Subject of Korean Culture Revisiting Intermediate-high Cold Reading Curriculum on Design and Practice A Comparison Between Zhu Dexi and Choi Hyun-bae’s Views on Lexical Categories A Comparative Study of Focus Constructions in Chinese and Korean: Focusing on Cleft Sentence A Study on the Acquisition of Koreans’ Learning Pattern of 'De' Complement Phrase: With HSK Corpus of Beijing Language and Culture University A Study on the Grammaticalization of Experience Aspect Guo₂ A Cross-Linguistic Study of the Category of Inevitability 동시출현 단어 분석을 활용한 한⋅중 언어의 대조 분석 연구 동향 탐색 汉语语素意识、词汇知识和句法知识对阅读理解的影响 중국어 不와 一의 변조 고찰 — 4음절어 중심으로 조선 후기 華音과 東音의 규범화와 이들의 관련성 新兴网络流行构式'X刺客'探析