Learning agile soccer skills for a bipedal robot with deep reinforcement learning. An agile monopedal hopping quadcopter with synergistic hybrid locomotion. EELS: Autonomous snake-like robot with task and motion planning capabilities for ice world exploration. Wireless flow-powered miniature robot capable of traversing tubular structures. Estimating human joint moments unifies exoskeleton control, reducing user effort. Elastic energy-recycling actuators for efficient robots. Safe radiation surveillance using uncrewed vehicles. Human-robot facial coexpression. Teaching robots the art of human social synchrony. A fictional history of robotics features forgotten real-world robots. Restoration of motor function using magnetoelectric metamaterials. ANYmal parkour: Learning agile navigation for quadrupedal robots. Dexterous helical magnetic robot for improved endovascular access. Human-scale navigation of magnetic microrobots in hepatic arteries. Tracking and navigation of a microswarm under laser speckle contrast imaging for targeted delivery. Magnetic soft microfiberbots for robotic embolization. Early science fiction got microbots surprisingly right. Tracking hand movements with a smart glove. An ingestible self-propelling device for intestinal reanimation. Magnetic robots make headway in medicine. Remote magnetic navigation enables precision telesurgery. Performing forceful robot manipulation tasks. DTC: Deep Tracking Control. Ultralight, strong, and self-reprogrammable mechanical metamaterials. A growing soft robot with climbing plant-inspired adaptive behaviors for navigation in unstructured environments. iCub3 avatar system: Enabling remote fully immersive embodiment of humanoid robots A self-organizing robotic aggregate using solid and liquid-like collective states Robot swarms meet soft matter physics Robots can motivate children to practice piano 3D-printed digital pneumatic logic for the control of soft robotic actuators. What will robots think of us? Overcoming adversaries in multirobot navigation. Ultra-Light, Strong, and Self-Reprogrammable Mechanical Metamaterials Mechanical intelligence simplifies control in terrestrial limbless locomotion Wildlife conservation using drones and artificial intelligence in Africa Bringing underserved communities life-saving aid through aerial logistics Robotics and AI in the Global South Would life be better as a robot? Machine learning-driven self-discovery of the robot body morphology. Human motor augmentation with an extra robotic arm without functional interference. Culturally competent social robots target inclusion in Africa. Wild Tech: Exploring South Africa's unique robotics landscape. Toward stronger artificial muscles. Animal robots in the African wilderness: Lessons learned and outlook for field robotics. Toward three-dimensional DNA industrial nanorobots. Lateral flexion of a compliant spine improves motor performance in a bioinspired mouse robot. Octopus-inspired sensorized soft arm for environmental interaction "Robots for good": Ten defining questions Is "suicide by droid" satire or a real possibility? A framework for robotic excavation and dry stone construction using on-site materials.