Themed Issue Introduction: Promises and Perils of Artificial Intelligence and Advertising. Automatically Detecting Image–Text Mismatch on Instagram with Deep Learning. Evaluating Adolescents' Responses to Internet Ads: Role of Ad Skepticism, Internet Literacy, and Parental Mediation. Selling Feminism: How Female Empowerment Campaigns Employ Postfeminist Discourses. Sizing Up Without Selling Out: The Role of Authenticity in Maintaining Long-Run Consumer Support for Successful Underdog Brands. What Comes Next? How Downplaying Product Greenness Affects Performance Evaluations: Examining the Effects of Implicit and Explicit Green Signals in Advertising Big Star Undercover: The Reinforcing Effect of Attenuated Celebrity Endorsers' Faces on Consumers' Brand Memory Seeing with the Customer's Eye: Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of AR Advertising Congruence and Incongruence in Thematic Advertisement-Medium Combinations: Role of Awareness, Fluency, and Persuasion Knowledge Looks Heavy to Me! The Effects of Product Shadows on Heaviness Perceptions and Product Preferences The Impact of User-Generated Content and Traditional Media on Customer Acquisition and Retention Being Accepted or Ostracized: How Social Experience Influences Consumer Responses to Advertisements with Different Regulatory Focus Heading the Right Way? The Influence of Motion Direction in Advertising on Brand Trust Tracking Fraudulent and Low-Quality Display Impressions A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Disclosing Sponsored Content Financial Constraints Influence How Consumers Evaluate Approach-Framed versus Avoidance-Framed Messages Understanding Sponsorship: A Consumer-Centric Model of Sponsorship Effects Seeing with the Customer’s Eye: Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of AR Advertising Introducing a Model of Automated Brand-Generated Content in an Era of Computational Advertising Are Advertising Agency Creatives More Creative Than Anyone Else? An Exploratory Test of Competing Predictions Advancing Computational Advertising: Conceptualization of the Field and Future Directions Navigating Relationship Norms: An Exploration of How Content Strategies Improve Brand Valuation over Time Using Subvertising to Build Families' Persuasion Knowledge in Jamaica Challenges and Future Directions of Computational Advertising Measurement Systems The Effects of Dynamic Product Presentation and Contextual Backgrounds on Consumer Purchase Intentions: Perspectives from the Load Theory of Attention and Cognitive Control Creating, Metavoicing, and Propagating: A Road Map for Understanding User Roles in Computational Advertising From Purchasing Exposure to Fostering Engagement: Brand-Consumer Experiences in the Emerging Computational Advertising Landscape Crowdsourcing the Implicit Association Test: Limitations and Best Practices Nudging to Reduce the Perceived Threat of Coronavirus How Color Affects the Effectiveness of Taste- versus Health-Focused Advertising Messages The Moderating Role of Hotel Type on Advertising Expenditure Returns in Franchised Chains Stronger Together? Tourists' Behavioral Responses to Joint Brand Advertising How Branded Videos Can Inspire Consumers and Benefit Brands: Implications for Consumers' Subjective Well-Being Can Social Media Listening Platforms' Artificial Intelligence Be Trusted? Examining the Accuracy of Crimson Hexagon's (Now Brandwatch Consumer Research's) AI-Driven Analyses This Is My Hometown! The Role of Place Attachment, Congruity, and Self-Expressiveness on Residents' Intention to Share a Place Brand Message Online Close Encounters of the AI Kind: Use of AI Influencers As Brand Endorsers Macro and Exogenous Factors in Computational Advertising: Key Issues and New Research Directions Connecting and Communicating with the Customer: Advertising Research for the Hospitality Industry When the Unknown Destination Comes Alive: The Detrimental Effects of Destination Anthropomorphism in Tourism Uncovering the Sources of Machine-Learning Mistakes in Advertising: Contextual Bias in the Evaluation of Semantic Relatedness Stimulating or Intimidating: The Effect of AI-Enabled In-Store Communication on Consumer Patronage Likelihood Artificial Intelligence in Advertising Creativity Client-Agency Briefing: Using Paradox Theory to Overcome Challenges Associated with Client Resource Deployment The Gamification of Branded Content: A Meta-Analysis of Advergame Effects The Value of Influencer Marketing for Business: A Bibliometric Analysis and Managerial Implications Olympic Sponsorships and Brand Value: An Empirical Analysis From the Editor. Advertising in Asia: Theories and Implications for Practice. Reactions to Nonconformity Imagery in Advertising among Chinese and Japanese Consumers: The Effect of Personal and National Cultural Tightness.