Enhancing Consumer Well-Being and Behavior with Spiritual and Fantasy Advertising Evaluating the Impact of Religious Icons and Symbols on Consumer's Brand Evaluation: Context of Hindu Religion Pop-Up Special Section Introduction: Advertising and COVID-19—Examining the Impacts of the Pandemic on Agencies, Consumers, and Brands. Advertising in a Context Harm Crisis. Brands Expressing Compassion and Care through Advertising. Branding Rhetoric in Times of a Global Pandemic: A Text-Mining Analysis. Advertising during COVID-19: Exploring Perceived Brand Message Authenticity and Potential Psychological Reactance. "Don't Worry, We Are Here for You": Brands as External Source of Control during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Promoting Mask-Wearing in COVID-19 Brand Communications: Effects of Gain-Loss Frames, Self- or Other-Interest Appeals, and Perceived Risks. COVID-19 Uncertainty and Temporal Framing in Advertising for Online Experiential Consumption. COVID-19 Charity Advertising: Identifiable Victim Message Framing, Self-Construal, and Donation Intent. Marketer Perceptions of Client–Agency Co-Creation: Exploring the Levels of Partnership Collaboration. The Role of Ad Sequence and Privacy Concerns in Personalized Advertising: An Eye-Tracking Study into Synced Advertising Effects. Putting Things into Context: A Meta-Analysis of Media Context Effects on Attitudinal Outcomes. How to Get Published in the Journal of Advertising: Tips from the Inside. Health-Based Weight Stereotypes in Advertising: Perpetuating Unhealthy Responses among Overweight Identifiers. Under the Influence: Social Media Influencers' Impact on Response to Corporate Reputation Advertising. Keeping Up with Media Multitasking: An Eye-Tracking Study among Children and Adults to Investigate the Impact of Media Multitasking Behavior on Switching Frequency, Advertising Attention, and Advertising Effectiveness. Themed Issue Introduction: Promises and Perils of Artificial Intelligence and Advertising. Automatically Detecting Image–Text Mismatch on Instagram with Deep Learning. Promoting the Faith: Examining Megachurches' Audience-Centric Advertising Strategies on Social Media Explaining Consumer Responses to Ethnic and Religious Minorities in Advertising: The Case of Israel and Germany "I'm (Not) Offended by Whom I See!" The Role of Culture and Model Ethnicity in Shaping Consumers' Responses toward Offensive Nudity Advertising in Asia and Western Europe Awe in Advertising: The Mediating Role of an Abstract Mindset The Effects of Competence and Warmth Appeals on Luxury and Sustainable Brand Advertising: The Moderating Role of Construal Level When a Good Thing Becomes a Better Thing: The Role of Lateral Display in Upcycled Product Advertisements A Fresh Start for Stigmatized Groups: The Effect of Cultural Identity Mindset Framing in Brand Advertising Preparing for an Era of Deepfakes and AI-Generated Ads: A Framework for Understanding Responses to Manipulated Advertising How Affective Evaluation and Tourist Type Impact Event Marketing Outcomes: Field Studies in Experiential Marketing Polysemic Interpretations: Examining How Women with Visual Impairments Incorporate, Resist, and Subvert Advertising Content Ad Agency Leadership in the US, UK, and Australia: A Mixed-Method Analysis of Effective Attributes and Styles How and When Personalized Advertising Leads to Brand Attitude, Click, and WOM Intention Ego Depletion and Charitable Support: The Moderating Role of Self-Benefit and Other-Benefit Charitable Appeals When E-Commerce Personalization Systems Show and Tell: Investigating the Relative Persuasive Appeal of Content-Based versus Collaborative Filtering Measuring the Role of Uniqueness and Consistency to Develop Effective Advertising Social Media Influencers and Followers: Theorization of a Trans-Parasocial Relation and Explication of Its Implications for Influencer Advertising To Fit In or to Stand out? An Eye-Tracking Study Investigating Online Banner Effectiveness in a Media Multitasking Context Turn the Other Cheek or an Eye for an Eye: Exploring Brand-to-Brand Dialogue on Social Media Religion, Spirituality, and Advertising The Downside of Divinity? Reputational Harm to Sectarian Universities from Overtly Religious Advertising Unintended Consequences of Warmth Appeals: An Extension of the Compensation Effect between Warmth and Competence to Advertising The Challenge of a Prominent Position: Decomposing Shopping Goals in Sponsored Search Advertising Evaluating Adolescents' Responses to Internet Ads: Role of Ad Skepticism, Internet Literacy, and Parental Mediation. Selling Feminism: How Female Empowerment Campaigns Employ Postfeminist Discourses. Sizing Up Without Selling Out: The Role of Authenticity in Maintaining Long-Run Consumer Support for Successful Underdog Brands. What Comes Next? How Downplaying Product Greenness Affects Performance Evaluations: Examining the Effects of Implicit and Explicit Green Signals in Advertising Big Star Undercover: The Reinforcing Effect of Attenuated Celebrity Endorsers' Faces on Consumers' Brand Memory Seeing with the Customer's Eye: Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of AR Advertising Congruence and Incongruence in Thematic Advertisement-Medium Combinations: Role of Awareness, Fluency, and Persuasion Knowledge