Frontmatter. Focus and contrastive topic in questions and answers, with particular reference to Turkish. Some questions and thoughts on foci and contrastive topics in Turkish questions. Additional questions on contrastive topics. Should I move for focus or for contrastive topic? An inquisitive stroll in commitment spaces. Banning the disjunction of speech acts. Exhaustivity of focus and anti-exhaustivity of contrastive topic. Strategies of inquiry: Focus and contrastive topic in polar questions. Focus and contrastive topic: More questions, and answers. Frontmatter. A developmental view on incrementation in language change. Computational historical linguistics. Complexity as L2-difficulty: Implications for syntactic change. Children always go beyond the input: The Maximise Minimal Means perspective. Overgeneralization and change: The role of acquisition in diachrony. On computational historical linguistics in the 21st century. Beyond edit distances: Comparing linguistic reconstruction systems. Some thoughts on the complexity of syntactic complexity. Are uninterpretable features vulnerable? Uninterpretable features in learning and alternative grammars? Grammatical representations versus productive patterns in change theories. Model evaluation in computational historical linguistics. Interpreting (un)interpretability. Edit Doron (1951–2019). Frontmatter. Communication as commitment sharing: speech acts, implicatures, common ground. A demanding commitment to non-psychological explanations. Think twice before paving illocutionary paradise. Intention and commitment in speech acts. Some questions about the notion of "commitment". Commitments and beyond. Commitment sharing as crucial step toward a developmentally plausible speech act theory? How to avoid overcommitment: Communication as thought sharing (with consequences). Commitments continued. Frontmatter. Visible Meaning: Sign language and the foundations of semantics. Iconic components as gestural elements: The case of LIS. Modality and contextual salience in co-sign vs. co-speech gesture. What belongs in the "logical core" of a language? A comparison of sign language with speech plus gesture. Pronouns in space. Experimental approaches to studying visible meaning. Quotation, demonstration, and attraction in sign language role shift. On categorizing types of role shift in Sign languages. Sign language iconicity and gradient effects. Sign Language Semantics: Problems and Prospects. Frontmatter. Shifting animacy. Shifting from animacy to agentivity.