FYI: new posts January-June 2020

At , we're now embarking on a brief break for the northern hemisphere summer. We'll be back at the beginning of September with new posts and podcast episodes. In the meantime, be sure to catch up on all the great contributions we've had so far this year: Has the LSA Been a Generativist-Dominated Organisation? Fritz Newmeyer (UBC, Simon Fraser, U Washington) Der Siegener Diskursmonitor – ein Onli

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FYI: Association for Laboratory Phonology: New Membership Rates

Dear Colleagues, I’m writing to request your assistance in helping us promote new discounted membership rates for the Association for Laboratory Phonology (ALP or LabPhon) by reaching out to eligible people working in economically less-advantaged countries. Currently, over 90% of current ALP members are from the United States, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, France, Japan, Spain, South Korea, New Zealand, or Italy. In order to broaden our research community, new disco

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Freeest or freest

I wrote this sentence: "Hong Kong was one of the freeest cities on earth". My automated spell checker flagged "freeest", so I changed it to "freest", and the spell checker let that stand. But in my mind I was still saying "free‧est", with two syllables, whereas when I see "freest", it's very hard for me […]

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