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There seem to be a lot of people complaining about it these days, so maybe there's something to worry about here. Francois Lang, who called this current wave of criticism to my attention asks whether academia is isolated from such horrors. FWIW, here's what it's like in business: "A look at the most annoying workplace […]

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Policeman to Tesla driver: “It Is a Bit Ridiculous, But You Must Obey”

9月1日,杭州高架禁止特斯拉通行。车主吐槽“这有点搞笑了呀”交警回复“是有点搞笑但是你要服从” pic.twitter.com/z7Tm7cN1Yi — 李老师不是你老师 (@whyyoutouzhele) September 1, 2023 The text says: 9 yuè 1 rì, Hángzhōu gāojià jìnzhǐ Tèsīlā tōngxíng.Chēzhǔ tǔcáo “Zhè yǒudiǎn gǎoxiàole ya”.Jiāojǐng huífù “Shì yǒudiǎn gǎoxiào dànshì nǐ yào fúcóng. 9月1日,杭州高架禁止特斯拉通行。车主吐槽“这有点搞笑了呀”交警回复“是有点搞笑但是你要服从” On September 1, a Tesla was banned from passing through the Hangzhou Elevated Highway.The car owner complained, "This is ..

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That's one of the extreme nicknames for Xi Jinping that are being used to avoid censorship. It consists of the three tones for his name, Xí Jìnpíng 习近平. Likewise, netizens are referring to him as "2-4-2". He is also called "N" because that reminds people of ↗↘↗. Another emerging Xi nickname is “n-butane,” whose chemical […]

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