Neolithic ceramic complex of the settlement of Mergen 6 in the Lower Ishim (groups I and II): characteristics and interpretation On the relative and absolute chronology of early burials at the Firsovo-XI burial ground (Barnaul Ob River region) Stone equipment of the Poludensky complex of the Kedrovy Mys-1 site Chronological relationship between the fortified settlement of Kamennyi Ambar and the Kamennyi Ambar-5 cemetery in the Southern Trans-Urals: capabilities of the Bayesian statistics The ceramic complex of the ancient settlement of Ust-Vasyegan 1 Finds of ornitomorphic images of the End of the Early Iron Age in the Lower Angara region Structural and technical characteristics of the fortification system of the Dikaya Yama hillfort of the Early Iron Age in the Middle Tobol River area Birch bark in the funeral rite of the Yakuts: a case-study of the Uchugei-Yuryakh burial (15th–17th cc.) Turkic burial accompanied by horses from the Upper Irtysh River region Tarkhansky Ostrog of the 17th−18th centuries: directions of search and the beginning of research Geoarchaeology within the system of archaeological research in the territory of Baikal Siberia Archaeoparasitology — a new source of reconstruction of migrations of ancient populations: opportunities, results, and prospects The origins of the population of Western Siberia in the Early Iron Age according to odontological data The Khanty of the Yugan River in the Demyanka River basin: formation of local identity Economic and cultural types of the Turkic peoples of Siberia in scientific works of the mid-19th — first decades of the 21st century The veneration of “land-water” in the tradition of the northern Khakas — Kyzyls (late 19th — mid-20th century) Transformation of traditional reindeer herding technologies and pasturing practices on the Kola Peninsula in the 20th— early 21st century Anthropology of disease. In the wake of the Arctic Circle epidemics: field materials of I.S. Gurvich The childbirth rituals of the Yakuts: traditions and modernity Extraction of remains of the mammoth fauna and local communities of the Arctic territories of Yakutia at the end of the 20th century Provocative landscapes: a study of everyday cultural landscapes at the outskirts of agglomerations Small cave bear (U. ex gr. savini-rossicus) as a game species of prehistoric man Bronze-casting workshops of the Vengerovo-2 settlement (Baraba forest steppe) On the dynastic cult of the rulers of Bukhara Sogd in the Early Middle Ages (to the interpretation of the murals of the Varakhsha palace) Pottery traditions of the Andronovo (Fedorovo) population of the steppe Altai (based on materials from the settlement of Zharkovo-3) Semiyarka IV burial complex of the Middle Bronze Age (Eastern Kazakhstan) Incense burners and altar dishes of the Sargatka Culture ‘Polish-Lithuanian’ archaeological materials from the excavations of the town of Tara Sudovians in Sambia in the 13th–14th centuries The ornament of Tara and Baraba Tatars: archeological and ethnographic analysis Sacred components of hunting and fishing technologies of the indigenous peoples of the Amur-Sakhalin Region Homo technicus mobilis in Yamal Images of Sakhalin in the research legacy of B.O. Pilsudsky (based on materials of the Far-Eastern archives) Ritual and ceremonial functions of the Saryarka Kazakh food (20th–21st centuries) The challenge of the time: reproduction of ‘forgotten’ traditions in the modern Kazakh culture Russian development and toponymy of the Pelym region according to written and field sources of the 18th–21st centuries The GULAG experience in cultural narratives and collective identity of post-Soviet Lithuania Human palaeoenvironment in the Upper Kama River basin: experience of reconstruction On the development of the Sargatka Culture in the Tobol River basin region (based on materials of the Ustyug-1 burial ground) Joint finds of knives and swords in burial complexes of the early nomads in the Southern Urals Yuan time metal mirror from the collection of the Altai State Museum of Local Lore Firearms and weapon devices of the Russian army in 1582–1585 (based on materials from the settlement of Isker) Position of arms as an essential element of the orthodox funeral tradition in Siberia (case study of the Nikolskaya Church cemetery in the city of Novosibirsk) Using the USSR General Staff maps to determine the geographical coordinates in archeology Seasonal pattern of domestic cattle slaughtering in the Late Bronze Age Tanalyk settlement (Southern Ural) Nomads of the Lower Volga Region in the second half of the 3rd — 4th c. AD based on bioarchaeological data Digital Copies for Anthropological Research: Virtual Models and Databases Physical type of the Armenian Highlands populations in antiquity (based on osteometrical materials from urban and rural settlements) Soviet version of ethno-expertise: reports of Northern ethnographers of 1950s–1990s “On the proper keeping of linen and clothes”: organization of laundry in urban noble-intellectual families of Russia in the second half of the 19th — early 20th century