Issue Information. Issue Information. Institutions, parties and the evolution of electoral preferences Economic sanctions and labour rights abuses in target countries The determinants of the media coverage of politicians: The role of parliamentary activities The people versus the money: What drives interest group influence in the European Union? The political space in the European parliament: Measuring MEPs' preferences amid the rise of Euroscepticism Party preferences, individual views and mobility during the pandemic The links between basic human values and political secularism: Evidence from Germany Political ambition and opposition legislative review: Bill scrutiny as an intra-party signalling device Social action as a route to the ballot box: Can youth volunteering reduce inequalities in turnout? The place of political experience in lobbyist careers: Decisive, divergent or diverse? Populism in the eye of the beholder? A conjoint experiment on citizens’ identification of populists Transformation of the political space: A citizens’ perspective Stories beat experts: A survey experiment on political persuasiveness Determining decidability: How issue salience divergence structures party systems and affects citizens Those were the what? Contents of nostalgia, relative deprivation and radical right support Party-interest group ties: The resource exchange model revisited Issue Information. Issue Information. Do politicians anticipate voter control? A comparative study of representatives’ accountability beliefs Corrigendum. Issue Information. Understanding unequal representation. Social status, political priorities and unequal representation. Corrigendum. Issue Information. Italy: Political Developments and Data in 2021 Erratum. How do parties react to defections? Electoral strategies after a valence loss Populism and intra‐party democracy Reassessing the relationship between homophobia and political participation Majority representation and legitimacy: Survey-experimental evidence from the European Union Do citizens care about government debt? Evidence from survey experiments on budgetary priorities New institutional leadership goes viral EU crisis reforms and the coming about of the covid recovery fund Long-term income trajectories and the evolution of political attitudes The consequences of repeatedly losing on legitimacy beliefs Populism and intra-party democracy Contesting Covid: The ideological bases of partisan responses to the Covid-19 pandemic The power of the loser: Evidence on an agenda-setting model of opposition policy influence The pandemic and the question of national belonging: Exposure to covid-19 threat and conceptions of nationhood Emotions, governmental trust and support for the restriction of civil liberties during the covid-19 pandemic Voter preferences as a source of descriptive (mis)representation by social class Duty calls but not for all: The policy involvement of cabinet ministers during crisis How do parties react to defections? Electoral strategies after a valence loss Stagnating incomes and preferences for redistribution: The role of absolute and relative experiences Reassessing the relationship between homophobia and political participation Subnational economic conditions and the changing geography of mass Euroscepticism: A longitudinal analysis Citizens and the state during crisis: Public authority, private behaviour and the Covid-19 pandemic in France The electoral benefits of environmental position-taking: Floods and electoral outcomes in England 2010-2019