Issue Information. Issue Information. Corruption and trust in the European Parliament: Quasi-experimental evidence from the Qatargate scandal Are politicians democratic realists? Silent responsiveness: How public opinion affects party discourse on wedge issues Political mobilisation and socioeconomic inequality in policy congruence International Monetary Fund programmes and the glass cliff effect Party system institutionalization and the durability of competitive authoritarian regimes The 'odd-even effect': The link between the number of parties and district magnitude Opinion incongruence and public support for direct decision-making Increased pressure lowered trust among unvaccinated during the COVID-19 pandemic: Effects of the announcement of reintroducing vaccination passports in Denmark For every action a reaction? The polarizing effects of women's rights and refugee immigration: A survey experiment in 27 EU member states Russian aggression and Europeans' attitudes toward the EU - Evidence from the 2014 annexation of Crimea It's trade, stupid! How changes in trade competitiveness affect incumbents' electoral success Mainstreaming democratic backsliding: The role of gender stereotypes Are right-wing populists more likely to justify political violence? Multidimensional and intersectional cultural grievances over gender, sexuality and immigration The backlash against free movement: Does EU-internal migration fuel public concerns about immigration? Did Merkel's 2015 decision attract more migration to Germany? From bonus to burden: The cost of ruling from a new(s) perspective Political violence and long-term tax morale: Evidence from Romania's 1989 anti-communist revolution Differentiation, dominance and fairness in the European Union: Bringing in the citizens’ perspective Exploring the linkage of higher education and attitudes towards European integration: The British case Patterns of democracy and democratic satisfaction: Results from a comparative conjoint experiment Auction politics: Party competition and expansionary election promises Strategic postponement of coalition policymaking in European Parliamentary democracies Everyone will know someone who died of Corona: Government threat language during the COVID-19 pandemic The consistency principle: Crisis perceptions, partisanship and public support for democratic norms in comparative perspective When do voters reveal candidate gender preferences? Evidence from individual-level ballot data Opening the door to anti-system leaders? Anti-corruption campaigns and the global rise of populism Attitudes to gender quotas: Why and where to adjust gender imbalance in leadership Follow the media? News environment and public concern about immigration The substantive representation of men: Intersectionality, masculinities, and men's interests Formative personal experiences: How benefit recipiency and income changes shape perceptions of system abuse Preferences for growth strategies in advanced democracies: A new 'representation gap'? Vox populi, vox dei? The effect of sociotropic and egocentric incongruence on democratic preferences The climate crisis, policy distraction and support for fuel taxation How political and social constituent traits affect the responsiveness of legislators: A Comparative Field Experiment Virtuous party linkages: Developing a data-based analytical model to explain voters’ attitudes towards political parties Comparing political participation profiles in four Western European countries ‘Stick to the status quo’? A conjoint experiment with German adolescents on democratic designs Rising inequality and public support for redistribution No votes for old men: Leaders' age and youth turnout in comparative perspective Urban identity versus national identity in the global city: Evidence from six European cities Absolute gains, relative losses: How the poor and the rich view redistribution differently Where has everyone gone? Depopulation and voting behaviour in Spain The ideological profile of the technocratic citizen Citizen support for democracy, anti-pluralist parties in power and democratic backsliding Location matters! Geospatial dynamics of MP responses to Covid-19 protests in multilevel systems Using movers to identify close election effects