SIMILAR SECRETS DIALOGIC DUE PROCESS THE SIXTH AMENDMENT FACADE: THE RACIAL EVOLUTION OF THE RIGHT TO COUNSEL INJUSTICE AT THE BORDER: APPLICATION OF THE CONSTITUTION ABROAD THROUGH THE CONFLICT OF LAWS COPYRIGHT AND REALITY DYNAMIC LEGISLATION THE PRIVACY INTEREST IN PROPERTY LIBERTARIAN GUN CONTROL THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE SOLUTION: ENSURING THE INTERSTATE RECOGNITION OF SAME-SEX PARENTAGE SALVAGING THE LAW OF PATENT VENUE: BRUNETTE, TC HEARTLAND, AND THE VENUE CLARIFICATION ACT POLICE DISCIPLINARY APPEALS GOVERNMENT STANDING AND THE FALLACY OF INSTITUTIONAL INJURY DIGITAL SWITZERLANDS ACCESSING ACCOUNTABILITY: EXPLORING CRIMINAL PROSECUTION OF MALE GUARDS FOR SEXUALLY ASSAULTING FEMALE INMATES IN US PRISONS NEW LEGAL PROBLEMS, OLD LEGAL SOLUTIONS: BAILMENT THEORY AS THE BASELINE DATA SECURITY STANDARD OF CARE OWED TO AN OPPONENT'S DATA IN E-DISCOVERY Data-driven originalism School vouchers, special education, and the supreme court Discounting women: Doubting domestic violence survivors’ credibility and dismissing their experiences Ineffective assistance of padilla: Effectuating the constitutional right to crimmigration counsel The corporate practice of gerrymandering the voting rights of common stockholders and the case for measured reform CLASS ACTIONS, STATUTES OF LIMITATIONS AND REPOSE, AND FEDERAL COMMON LAW. STOCK MARKET SHORT-TERMISM'S IMPACT. CLAIMING DESIGN. SECURITIES LIABILITY AND THE ROLE OF D&O INSURANCE IN REGULATING INITIAL COIN OFFERINGS. PROSECUTING CRYPTOCURRENCY THEFT WITH THE DEFEND TRADE SECRETS ACT OF 2016. [Untitled] [Untitled] [Untitled] [Untitled] [Untitled] Securities Liability and the Role of D&O Insurance in Regulating Initial Coin Offerings Data-Driven Originalism School Vouchers, Special Education, and the Supreme Court Discounting Women: Doubting Domestic Violence Survivors' Credibility and Dismissing Their Experiences Ineffective Assistance of Padilla: Effectuating the Constitutional Right to Crimmigration Counsel The Corporate Practice of Gerrymandering the Voting Rights of Common Stockholders and the Case for Measured Reform Police Disciplinary Appeals Government Standing and the Fallacy of Institutional Injury Digital Switzerlands Accessing Accountability: Exploring Criminal Prosecution of Male Guards for Sexually Assaulting Female Inmates in U.S. Prisons New Legal Problems, Old Legal Solutions: Bailment Theory as the Baseline Data Security Standard of Care Owed to an Opponent's Data in E-Discovery Central Clearing of Financial Contracts: Theory and Regulatory Implications Balancing versus Structured Decision Procedures: Antitrust, Title VII Disparate Impact, and Constitutional Law Strict Scrutiny The Interior Structure of Immigration Enforcement ICWA and the Unwed Father: A Constitutional Corrective The Logic of Experience: The Role of History in Recognizing Public Rights of Access under the First Amendment BANKRUPTCY'S NEW AND OLD FRONTIERS FOREWORD THE NEW BOND WORKOUTS THE BANKRUPTCY PARTITION CORPORATE BANKRUPTCY HYBRIDITY