Principled Leader Behaviors: An Integrative Framework and Extension of Why Leaders Are Fair, Ethical, and Nonabusive. The Social and Relational Dynamics of Absenteeism From Work: A Multilevel Review and Integration. Network Agency. Transaction Cost Theory: Past Progress, Current Challenges, and Suggestions for the Future. If We See, Will We Agree? Unpacking the Complex Relationship Between Stimuli and Team Climate Strength. Stigma Beyond Levels: Advancing Research on Stigmatization. Red Giants or Black Holes? The Antecedent Conditions and Multilevel Impacts of Star Performers. Is What's Past Prologue? A Review and Agenda for Contemporary Employability Research. The "Other" Time: A Review of the Subjective Experience of Time in Organizations. Individuals' Responses to Economic Cycles: Organizational Relevance and a Multilevel Theoretical Integration. The Value of Values for Institutional Analysis. Homophily: Measures and Meaning. Signs of Our Time: Time-Use as Dedication, Performance, Identity, and Power in Contemporary Workplaces. Human Trust in Artificial Intelligence: Review of Empirical Research. Interruptions and Task Transitions: Understanding Their Characteristics, Processes, and Consequences. How Does the Use of Information Communication Technology Affect Individuals? A Work Design Perspective. Social Support: Multidisciplinary Review, Synthesis, and Future Agenda. Organizational and Management Theorizing Using Experiment-Based Entrepreneurship Research: Covered Terrain and New Frontiers. Process Studies of Organizational Space. The Role of Interdependence in the Micro-Foundations of Organization Design: Task, Goal, and Knowledge Interdependence. An Integrative Review of the Emerging Behavioral Acquisition Literature: Charting the Next Decade of Research. When Interpersonal Competition Helps and When It Harms: An Integration via Challenge and Threat. Corporate Corruption: A Review and an Agenda for Future Research. Completing the Adaptive Turn: An Integrative View of Strategy Implementation. Organizing Risk: Organization and Management Theory for the Risk Society. Entrepreneurial Network Evolution: Explicating the Structural Localism and Agentic Network Change Distinction. The Attractiveness Advantage At Work: A Cross-Disciplinary Integrative Review. Gradual Drifts, Abrupt Shocks: From Relationship Fractures to Relational Resilience. Entrepreneurial Team Formation. Organizations and Societal Economic Inequality: A Review and Way Forward. Integrating Research on Interorganizational Networks and Ecosystems. Soliciting Resources from Others: An Integrative Review. What Do We Know About Knowledge Integration: Fusing Micro- and Macro-Organizational Perspectives. The Organizational Reproduction of Inequality. Start-Up Teams: A Multidimensional Conceptualization, Integrative Review of Past Research, and Future Research Agenda. Organizational Structure, Information Processing, and Decision-Making: A Retrospective and Road Map for Research. Varieties of Political Capital and Power in Organizations: A Review and Integrative Framework. The Effects of Mandatory and Voluntary Regulatory Pressures on Firms' Environmental Strategies: A Review and Recommendations for Future Research. Algorithms at Work: The New Contested Terrain of Control. The Return of the Oppressed: A Systems Psychodynamic Approach to Organization Studies. Capitalizing on Categories of Social Construction: A Review and Integration of Organizational Research on Symbolic Management Strategies. A GATE to Understanding "Older" Workers: Generation, Age, Tenure, Experience. Which of These Things Are Not Like the Others? Comparing the Rational, Emotional, and Moral Aspects of Reputation, Status, Celebrity, and Stigma. Resetting the Clock on Dynamic Leader Behaviors: A Conceptual Integration and Agenda for Future Research. Keep Your Head in the Clouds and Your Feet on the Ground: A Multifocal Review of Leadership–Followership Self-Regulatory Focus. The Corrective Actions Organizations Pursue Following Misconduct: A Review and Research Agenda. Topic Modeling in Management Research: Rendering New Theory from Textual Data. Being Your True Self at Work: Integrating the Fragmented Research on Authenticity in Organizations. Toward a Better Understanding of Tacit Knowledge in Organizations: Taking Stock and Moving Forward. Boundary Work among Groups, Occupations, and Organizations: From Cartography to Process.