The Power of Beliefs. Political Theory Rediscovers Public Administration. Comparative Bureaucratic Politics. A Framework for the Study of Persuasion. Education and Political Participation. Political Participation Amid Mass Incarceration. Government Responsiveness in Developing Countries. Political Control. Race in International Relations: Beyond the "Norm Against Noticing". The American Political Economy: Markets, Power, and the Meta Politics of US Economic Governance. Elites in the Making and Breaking of Foreign Policy. Historical Persistence. International Statebuilding and the Domestic Politics of State Development. Three Faces of Climate Justice. Comparative Politics in Borderlands: Actors, Identities, and Strategies. Non-Modernization: Power–Culture Trajectories and the Dynamics of Political Institutions. Las Vidas Negras Importan: Centering Blackness and Racial Politics in Latin American Research. Does Democracy Matter? Immigration and Globalization (and Deglobalization). Emotion and Politics: Noncognitive Psychological Biases in Public Opinion. Testing Causal Theories with Learned Proxies. Media and Policy Making in the Digital Age. Automation, Digitalization, and Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace: Implications for Political Behavior. Political Risk and International Investment Law. Race and Redistricting. Experiments and Surveys on Political Elites. Measuring Liberalism, Confronting Evil: A Retrospective. Presidential Unilateral Power. Violence Against Civilians During Armed Conflict: Moving Beyond the Macro- and Micro-Level Divide. The Causes of Populism in the West. Networks of Conflict and Cooperation. Nationalism: What We Know and What We Still Need to Know. Party and Ideology in American Local Government: An Appraisal. Social Protection and State–Society Relations in Environments of Low and Uneven State Capacity. The Continuing Dilemma of Race and Class in the Study of American Political Behavior. Conflict-Related Sexual Violence. Secrecy in International Relations and Foreign Policy. How Do Electoral Gender Quotas Affect Policy? Who Enters Politics and Why? Ethics of Field Experiments. The Persistence of Racial Cues and Appeals in American Elections. What Can We Learn from Written Constitutions? The Rise of Local Politics: A Global Review. External Validity. Machine Learning for Social Science: An Agnostic Approach. The Backlash Against Globalization. The Politics of the Black Power Movement. Populism, Democracy, and Party System Change in Europe. Measuring Liberalism, Confronting Evil: A Retrospective Presidential Unilateral Power