Addressing Shame in Medical Education. Artist's Statement: Zoom Medical School. Medicine. Commentary on The Doctor and After the Shift. The Price of Becoming a Physician Artist’s Statement: Still Life Commentary on “operative note” Development and Validation of a Novel Instrument to Measure the Community Well-Being of Residency Programs Considering the Effects of the Dobbs Decision on Clinical Training and Practice and on the Lives of Medical Professionals. Practical Strategies to Foster a Well-Being Curriculum for Medical Students. Fear of Anti-Asian Hate as an International Medical Graduate. A Generation Ready for Change: Preparing for the Deregulation of Medications for Opioid Use Disorder in Undergraduate Medical Education. Artist's Statement: Asthma. Development of a Tool to Assess Medical Oral Language Proficiency. Barriers to Accessing Mental Health Support Services in Undergraduate Medical Training: A Multicenter, Qualitative Study. Strengthening Academic Medicine’s Response to Humanitarian Concerns In Reply to Rodgers Visual Thinking Strategies in Medical Education: Staying Open to Possibilities Necessary but Insufficient and Possibly Counterproductive: The Complex Problem of Teaching Evaluations Artist’s Statement: The Surgical Stage Commentary on Il Convivio Competencies for the Use of Artificial Intelligence–Based Tools by Health Care Professionals Mentoring Relationships: A Mentee’s Journey Easing the Transition From Undergraduate to Graduate Medical Education. Reframing Physician Assistant Student Mistreatment Through the Lens of Intersectionality. Reconciling LCME Diversity With Federal Law Mandates for Affirmative Action on the Basis of Disability, Gender, Race/Ethnicity, and Veteran Status. Using Podcasts to Study Efficiently and Increase Exposure to Medical Specialties. Reimagining the Transition to Residency: A Trainee Call to Accelerated Action. Interview Without Harm: Reimagining Medical Training's Financially and Environmentally Costly Interview Practices. Artist's Statement: Moment of Reflection. Commentary on "Waiting for my foot to ring". Commentary on "The Lipstick". Appreciation for Peer Review and Peer Reviewers in Academic Medicine Acknowledgment of Academic MedicineReviewers In Reply to Meeks and McKee Family Matters: The Importance of Creating and Disseminating Inclusive Parental Leave Policies for Physician Assistant Programs In Reply to Yung and Morris The Success of a Trainee-Driven Platform: Inside the Match Preprints in Health Professions Education: Raising Awareness and Shifting Culture Artist’s Statement: Forgotten Flowers Commentary on “LeAnne, Age 12, June 1996, Zephyrhills, Florida” Promotion of a Mastery Orientation to Learning in Medical School: Implementation of the Not Yet Pass Grade Where Is the Digitally Silent Provider? Development and Validation of a Team-Centered Electronic Health Record Attribution Model for Supervising Residents A Comparison of the Representation of Women in Editor Positions at Major Medical Journals in 2021 vs 2011 Modeling Diagnostic Expertise in Cases of Irreducible Uncertainty: The Decision-Aligned Response Model Impact of Students’ Scheduling Choice on Clerkship Examination Score Performance in a Time-Varying Competency-Based Curriculum Academic Productivity of Equity-Deserving Physician Scholars During COVID-19: A Scoping Review Gender-Based Differences in Language Used by Students to Describe Their Noteworthy Characteristics in Medical Student Performance Evaluations. Building an Academic Transgender Medicine Center of Excellence: The 5-Year Johns Hopkins Experience. Moments That Matter.