Preview. Preview A Targeted Review of Open Practices in Special Education Publications Response Time of Young Children With Complex Communication Needs Following a Communication Opportunity The Exceptionality of Twice-Exceptionality: Examining Combined Prevalence of Giftedness and Disability Using Multivariate Statistical Simulation Unequal and Increasingly Unfair: How Federal Policy Creates Disparities in Special Education Funding The Next Generation of Quality Indicators for Group Design Research in Special Education Development of Mathematical Practices Through Word Problem-Solving Instruction for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (vol 56, pg 190, 2021) Preview. Predictors of Access to Gifted Education: What Makes for a Successful School? Anti-Blackness and Racial Disproportionality in Gifted Education An Economic Evaluation of Emerging and Ineffective Interventions: Examining the Role of Cost When Translating Research into Practice Mind the Gap: Measuring Academic Underachievement Using Stochastic Frontier Analysis Preview Moderators of the Association Between Teaching Students With Disabilities and General Education Teacher Turnover Special Education Teacher Preparation, Literacy Instructional Alignment, and Reading Achievement for Students With High-incidence Disabilities A Conceptual Replication of a Kindergarten Math Intervention Within the Context of a Research-Based Core The Effect of Supplemental Reading Instruction on Fluency Outcomes for Children With Down Syndrome: A Closer Look at Curriculum-Based Measures The Association between Parental Educational Expectations and School Functioning among Young People with Disabilities: A Longitudinal Investigation College and Career Readiness Support for Youth With and Without Disabilities Based on the National Longitudinal Transition Study 2012 Efficacy of Peer-Delivered Mathematical Problem-Solving Instruction to Students With Extensive Support Needs Do Students With Specific Learning Disorders With Impairments in Reading Benefit From Linguistic Simplification of Test Items in Science? Over Diagnosed or Over Looked? The Effect of Age at Time of School Entry on Students Receiving Special Education Services Preschool and Child-Care Expulsion: Is it Elevated for Autistic Children? Linking IEP Status to Parental Involvement for High School Students of First-Generation and Native-Born Families School-to-Work Transition of Youth with Learning Difficulties: The Role of Motivation and Autonomy Support Did State Pre-Kindergarten Programs Affect the Head Start Enrollment of Children with Disabilities? A Quasi-Experimental Analysis Sustainability of a Teacher Professional Development Program on Proportional Reasoning Skills of Students With Mathematics Difficulties Special Education Teachers of Color Retention Decisions: Findings From a National Study Evaluating the Effects of Adding Explicit Vocabulary Instruction to a Word-Problem Schema Intervention Texas Special Education Cap's Associations With Disability Identification Disparities of Racial and Language Minority Students Development of Mathematical Practices Through Word Problem-Solving Instruction for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Mar, 10.1177/0014402921990890, 2021) Preview Promoting Paraeducators' Use of Evidence-Based Practices for Students With Autism Executive Function Profiles of Kindergarteners and First Graders at Risk for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Next-Generation Fraction Intervention and the Long-Term Advantage of Interleaved Instruction Single-Case-Design Research in Special Education: Next-Generation Guidelines and Considerations Quality Indicators for Mixed-Methods Research in Special Education Quality Indicators of Secondary Data Analyses in Special Education Research: A Preregistration Guide Revisiting Economic Hardship in a National Sample of Adolescents With and Without Disabilities: A Conceptual Replication High-Quality Systematic Literature Reviews in Special Education: Promoting Coherence, Contextualization, Generativity, and Transparency Preview Ad-hoc Reviewers for 2020 Early Lessons Learned in Designing an Adaptive Shared Reading Intervention for Preschoolers With Autism Preview Current State of the Evidence: Examining the Effects of Orton-Gillingham Reading Interventions for Students With or at Risk for Word-Level Reading Disabilities Parent Perceptions of the Advocacy Expectation in Special Education Writing Scientific Explanations: Effects of a Cognitive Apprenticeship for Students With LD and English Learners Preview Development of Mathematical Practices Through Word Problem–Solving Instruction for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder