Cover. Table of Contents. Cover. A Functional Representation for Graph Matching. Context Based Emotion Recognition Using EMOTIC Dataset. DART: Distribution Aware Retinal Transform for Event-Based Cameras. Deep Imbalanced Learning for Face Recognition and Attribute Prediction. Direction-Aware Spatial Context Features for Shadow Detection and Removal. Face Hallucination by Attentive Sequence Optimization with Reinforcement Learning. $\mathbb {H}$H-Patches: A Benchmark and Evaluation of Handcrafted and Learned Local Descriptors. Learning Low-Dimensional Temporal Representations with Latent Alignments. Learning Visual Instance Retrieval from Failure: Efficient Online Local Metric Adaptation from Negative Samples. Local-Aggregation Graph Networks. Matched Filters for Noisy Induced Subgraph Detection. MOSES: A Streaming Algorithm for Linear Dimensionality Reduction. Recomputation of the Dense Layers for Performance Improvement of DCNN. Semantic Face Hallucination: Super-Resolving Very Low-Resolution Face Images with Supplementary Attributes. Toward Bridging the Simulated-to-Real Gap: Benchmarking Super-Resolution on Real Data. Multivariate Extension of Matrix-Based Rényi's $\alpha$α-Order Entropy Functional. TechRxiv: Share Your Preprint Research with the World! IEEE Computer Society Has You Covered! Table of Contents. Cover. Guest Editors’ Introduction to the Special Issue on RGB-D Vision: Methods and Applications Intel® RealSense™ SR300 Coded Light Depth Camera Snapshot Compressive ToF+Spectral Imaging via Optimized Color-Coded Apertures Learning Depth with Convolutional Spatial Propagation Network Progressive Fusion for Unsupervised Binocular Depth Estimation Using Cycled Networks Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Depth Prediction from Images Semi-Supervised Adversarial Monocular Depth Estimation Confidence Propagation through CNNs for Guided Sparse Depth Regression Learned Dynamic Guidance for Depth Image Reconstruction Photometric Depth Super-Resolution Real-Time RGB-D Camera Pose Estimation in Novel Scenes Using a Relocalisation Cascade Unsupervised Deep Visual-Inertial Odometry with Online Error Correction for RGB-D Imagery SurfelMeshing: Online Surfel-Based Mesh Reconstruction UnstructuredFusion: Realtime 4D Geometry and Texture Reconstruction Using Commercial RGBD Cameras DoubleFusion: Real-Time Capture of Human Performances with Inner Body Shapes from a Single Depth Sensor Robust RGB-D Face Recognition Using Attribute-Aware Loss Local-LDA: Open-Ended Learning of Latent Topics for 3D Object Recognition Learning with Privileged Information via Adversarial Discriminative Modality Distillation Sparse Coding of Shape Trajectories for Facial Expression and Action Recognition Joint Task-Recursive Learning for RGB-D Scene Understanding Every Pixel Counts ++: Joint Learning of Geometry and Motion with 3D Holistic Understanding Zig-Zag Network for Semantic Segmentation of RGB-D Images Globally Optimal Inlier Set Maximization for Atlanta World Understanding Clouds of Oriented Gradients for 3D Detection of Objects, Surfaces, and Indoor Scene Layouts NTU RGB+D 120: A Large-Scale Benchmark for 3D Human Activity Understanding The ApolloScape Open Dataset for Autonomous Driving and Its Application Detailed Surface Geometry and Albedo Recovery from RGB-D Video under Natural Illumination