Table of Contents Cover Cover. A Graph-Based Approach for Making Consensus-Based Decisions in Image Search and Person Re-Identification A Review of Domain Adaptation without Target Labels Adversarial Distillation for Learning with Privileged Provisions Approximate Graph Laplacians for Multimodal Data Clustering Are Large-Scale 3D Models Really Necessary for Accurate Visual Localization? Complex-Valued Disparity: Unified Depth Model of Depth from Stereo, Depth from Focus, and Depth from Defocus Based on the Light Field Gradient Deterministic Approximate Methods for Maximum Consensus Robust Fitting Harmonized Multimodal Learning with Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models High-Dimensional Dense Residual Convolutional Neural Network for Light Field Reconstruction Interpretable Visual Question Answering by Reasoning on Dependency Trees Learning Part-based Convolutional Features for Person Re-Identification Loss Decomposition and Centroid Estimation for Positive and Unlabeled Learning MEMC-Net: Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation Driven Neural Network for Video Interpolation and Enhancement MFQE 2.0: A New Approach for Multi-Frame Quality Enhancement on Compressed Video MTFH: A Matrix Tri-Factorization Hashing Framework for Efficient Cross-Modal Retrieval Nonlinear Regression via Deep Negative Correlation Learning On the Global Geometry of Sphere-Constrained Sparse Blind Deconvolution Sequence-to-Segments Networks for Detecting Segments in Videos SEWA DB: A Rich Database for Audio-Visual Emotion and Sentiment Research in the Wild Surface-Aware Blind Image Deblurring Topology-Aware Non-Rigid Point Cloud Registration Video Anomaly Detection with Sparse Coding Inspired Deep Neural Networks 3D Fingerprint Recognition based on Ridge-Valley-Guided 3D Reconstruction and 3D Topology Polymer Feature Extraction A Differential Approach for Gaze Estimation Adversarial Attack Type I: Cheat Classifiers by Significant Changes Hierarchical Long Short-Term Concurrent Memory for Human Interaction Recognition Table of Contents [Masthead] Cover Absolute Pose Estimation of Central Cameras Using Planar Regions DAC-SDC Low Power Object Detection Challenge for UAV Applications Deep Differentiable Random Forests for Age Estimation Discriminative Video Representation Learning Using Support Vector Classifiers Dual Adversarial Transfer for Sequence Labeling Fast Exact Evaluation of Univariate Kernel Sums Faster First-Order Methods for Stochastic Non-Convex Optimization on Riemannian Manifolds Graph Embedding Using Frequency Filtering Inferring Latent Domains for Unsupervised Deep Domain Adaptation Learning Continuous Face Age Progression: A Pyramid of GANs Learning Energy-Based Spatial-Temporal Generative ConvNets for Dynamic Patterns Mask TextSpotter: An End-to-End Trainable Neural Network for Spotting Text with Arbitrary Shapes Matrix Completion with Deterministic Sampling: Theories and Methods Neural Image Compression for Gigapixel Histopathology Image Analysis Parallel and Scalable Heat Methods for Geodesic Distance Computation Pattern of Local Gravitational Force (PLGF): A Novel Local Image Descriptor Polyhedral Conic Classifiers for Computer Vision Applications and Open Set Recognition Reconstruct as Far as You Can: Consensus of Non-Rigid Reconstruction from Feasible Regions