Screen-space blue-noise diffusion of monte carlo sampling error via hierarchical ordering of pixels. Kinetic Shape Reconstruction Enhanced Interactive 360 degrees Viewing via Automatic Guidance 3D Morphable Face Models-Past, Present, and Future Reinforcement of General Shell Structures Computational p-Willmore Flow with Conformal Penalty Inverse Procedural Modeling of Branching Structures by Inferring L-Systems Unsupervised Detection of Distinctive Regions on 3D Shapes Example-Based Microstructure Rendering with Constant Storage Noise-Resilient Reconstruction of Panoramas and 3D Scenes Using Robot-Mounted Unsynchronized Commodity RGB-D Cameras A Class of C-2 Interpolating Splines Capturing Subjective First-Person View Shots with Drones for Automated Cinematography. A level-set method for magnetic substance simulation. A massively parallel and scalable multi-CPU material point method. A model for soap film dynamics with evolving thickness. A practical octree liquid simulator with adaptive surface resolution. A scalable approach to control diverse behaviors for physically simulated characters. Accurate face rig approximation with deep differential subspace reconstruction. Adaptive merging for rigid body simulation. An implicit compressible SPH solver for snow simulation. AnisoMPM: animating anisotropic damage mechanics. CARL: controllable agent with reinforcement learning for quadruped locomotion. Catch & Carry: reusable neural controllers for vision-guided whole-body tasks. Character controllers using motion VAEs. Chemomechanical simulation of soap film flow on spherical bubbles. Codimensional surface tension flow using moving-least-squares particles. Constraint bubbles and affine regions: reduced fluid models for efficient immersed bubbles and flexible spatial coarsening. Directional sources and listeners in interactive sound propagation using reciprocal wave field coding. Example-driven virtual cinematography by learning camera behaviors. Fast and flexible multilegged locomotion using learned centroidal dynamics. Fast and scalable turbulent flow simulation with two-way coupling. Homogenized yarn-level cloth. Incremental potential contact: intersection-and inversion-free, large-deformation dynamics. Informative scene decomposition for crowd analysis, comparison and simulation guidance. IQ-MPM: an interface quadrature material point method for non-sticky strongly two-way coupled nonlinear solids and fluids. Lagrangian neural style transfer for fluids. Learned motion matching. Local motion phases for learning multi-contact character movements. N-dimensional rigid body dynamics. Phong deformation: a better C0 interpolant for embedded deformation. Projective dynamics with dry frictional contact. RigNet: neural rigging for articulated characters. Robust eulerian-on-lagrangian rods. Robust motion in-betweening. Simple and scalable frictional contacts for thin nodal objects. Skeleton-aware networks for deep motion retargeting. The leopard never changes its spots: realistic pigmentation pattern formation by coupling tissue growth with reaction-diffusion. Unpaired motion style transfer from video to animation. Wave curves: simulating lagrangian water waves on dynamically deforming surfaces. High resolution étendue expansion for holographic displays.