Guest Editorial: Data-Centric Big Services Lightweight Indexing and Querying Services for Big Spatial Data Building and Querying an Enterprise Knowledge Graph A Novel Workflow-Level Data Placement Strategy for Data-Sharing Scientific Cloud Workflows SMS: A Framework for Service Discovery by Incorporating Social Media Information Learning the Evolution Regularities for BigService-Oriented Online Reliability Prediction Guest Editorial: Recent Advances in Web Services Research Fairness-Efficiency Allocation of CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Resources Social-Aware Data Dissemination via Device-to-Device Communications: Fusing Social and Mobile Networks with Incentive Constraints A Distributed Discovery of Communicating Resource Systems Models. A Hybrid Approach for Optimizing Carbon Footprint in InterCloud Environment. An Integrated Framework for Mining Temporal Logs from Fluctuating Events. Defending Against Flow Table Overloading Attack in Software-Defined Networks. Novel Artificial Bee Colony Algorithms for QoS-Aware Service Selection. QoS-Aware Web Service Selection with Internal Complementarity. Transactional Behavior Verification in Business Process as a Service Configuration. Understanding Mobile Users’ Privacy Expectations: A Recommendation-Based Method Through Crowdsourcing. Elastic Load Balancing for Dynamic Virtual Machine Reconfiguration Based on Vertical and Horizontal Scaling. Errata to “Guest Editor's Introduction: Special Section on Virtualization and Services for Cloud-Based Application Systems”. 2018 Reviewers List. Editorial. 2018 Index IEEE Transactions on Services Computing Vol. 11. Guest Editor's Introduction: Special Section on Services and Software Engineering Towards Internetware. Programming Situational Mobile Web Applications with Cloud-Mobile Convergence: An Internetware-Oriented Approach. ROSF: Leveraging Information Retrieval and Supervised Learning for Recommending Code Snippets. Multi-Dimensional QoS Prediction for Service Recommendations. Storage Sharing Optimization Under Constraints of SLO Compliance and Performance Variability. Architecture-Based Behavioral Adaptation with Generated Alternatives and Relaxed Constraints. Guest Editor's Introduction: Special Section on Virtualization and Services for Cloud-Based Application Systems. Straggler Root-Cause and Impact Analysis for Massive-scale Virtualized Cloud Datacenters. Flow Classification for Software-Defined Data Centers Using Stream Mining. Cost-Efficient Consolidating Service for Aliyun’s Cloud-Scale Computing. HyperCo: Optimizing Network Performance in ARM-Based Mobile Virtualization. A Cloud Brokerage Architecture for Efficient Cloud Service Selection. Multi-Objective Energy Efficient Virtual Machines Allocation at the Cloud Data Center. A Fund-Constrained Investment Scheme for Profit Maximization in Cloud Computing CATrust: Context-Aware Trust Management for Service-Oriented Ad Hoc Networks Preference-Based Spectrum Pricing in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks QoS Dependency Modeling for Composite Systems User Differentiated Verifiable File Search on the Cloud Guest Editorial: Cloud Services Meet Big Data – Part II Data-Driven Auction Mechanism Design in IaaS Cloud Computing Hypervisor and Neighbors’ Noise: Performance Degradation in Virtualized Environments Hypervisor and Neighbors' Noise: Performance Degradation in virtualized Environments A Fuzzy Galois Lattices Approach to Requirements Elicitation for Cloud Services Linking Issue Tracker with Q&A Sites for Knowledge Sharing across Communities Privacy-Preserving Top-k Spatial Keyword Queries in Untrusted Cloud Environments Efficient Keyword Searching in Large-Scale Social Network Service Efficient and Exact Query of Large Process Model Repositories in Cloud Workflow Systems Editorial Preface: Special Issue on Mobile & Cloud Computing Services