A system for efficient 3D printed stop-motion face animation Model Predictive Control with a Visuomotor System for Physics-based Character Animation. DReCon: Data-Driven Responsive Control of Physics-Based Characters Biomimetic Eye Modeling & Deep Neuromuscular Oculomotor Control Learning Body Shape Variation in Physics-based Characters Mandoline: Robust Cut-Cell Generation for Arbitrary Triangle Meshes X-CAD: Optimizing CAD Models with Extended Finite Elements Carpentry Compiler Bounded distortion tetrahedral metric interpolation. Redirected smooth mappings for multiuser real walking in virtual reality Blockwise multi-order feature regression for real-time path-tracing reconstruction Neural rendering and reenactment of human actor videos Dynamic graph Cnn for learning on point clouds Constructing 3D self-supporting surfaces with isotropic stress using 4D minimal hypersurfaces of revolution Non-smooth Newton methods for deformable multi-body dynamics Neural importance sampling Terrain amplification with implicit 3D features Schur complement-based substructuring of stiff multibody systems with contact Microfacet BSDFs generated from NDFS and explicit microgeometry KRISM-krylov subspace-based optical computing of hyperspectral images Colored fused filament fabrication A Luminance-aware Model of Judder Perception. Tensor Maps for Synchronizing Heterogeneous Shape Collections. PuppetMaster: Robotic animation of marionettes Volume-Aware Design of Composite Molds Harmonic Triangulations Surface2Volume: Surface Segmentation Conforming Assemblable Volumetric Partition A Monte Carlo Framework for Rendering Speckle Statistics in Scattering Media Direct Delta Mush Skinning and Variants Tangent-Space Optimization for Interactive Animation Control Symmetric Moving Frames Photon surfaces for robust, unbiased volumetric density estimation CurviSlicer: Slightly curved slicing for 3-axis printers Perceptual rasterization for head-mounted display image synthesis TileGAN Synthesis of Large-Scale Non-Homogeneous Textures Interactive Hand Pose Estimation using a Stretch-Sensing Soft Glove An Adaptive Variational Finite Difference Framework for Efficient Symmetric Octree Viscosity MeshCNN: A Network with an Edge Vibration-Minimizing Motion Retargeting for Robotic Characters Variational Implicit Point Set Surfaces Stylizing Video by Example Compact Snapshot Hyperspectral Imaging with Diffracted Rotation Deep Convolutional Reconstruction For Gradient-Domain Rendering Foveated AR: Dynamically-Foveated Augmented Reality Display Anisotropic Elasticity for Inversion-Safety and Element Rehabilitation Optimal Multiple Importance Sampling A Similarity Measure for Material Appearance Wave-Based Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging using Fast f-k Migration Atlas Refinement with Bounded Packing Efficiency Spectral Coarsening of Geometric Operators