Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Services Computing for COVID-19 and Future Pandemics An Empirical Study on How Well Do COVID-19 Information Dashboards Service Users’ Information Needs How COVID-19 Information Spread in U.S.? The Role of Twitter as Early Indicator of Epidemics. DisCOV: Distributed COVID-19 Detection on X-Ray Images With Edge-Cloud Collaboration A Generic Deep Learning Based Cough Analysis System From Clinically Validated Samples for Point-of-Need Covid-19 Test and Severity Levels Quest: Privacy-Preserving Monitoring of Network Data: A System for Organizational Response to Pandemics Rapid Development of a Data Visualization Service in an Emergency Response QoS-Aware Fog Service Orchestration for Industrial Internet of Things Composing Energy Services in a Crowdsourced IoT Environment Efficient Transition Adjacency Relation Computation for Process Model Similarity Stanza: Layer Separation for Distributed Training in Deep Learning Achieving Practical Symmetric Searchable Encryption With Search Pattern Privacy Over Cloud Time Series QoS Forecasting for Web Services Using Multi-Predictor-Based Genetic Programming Burst-Aware Predictive Autoscaling for Containerized Microservices Joint Pricing and Security Investment in Cloud Security Service Market With User Interdependency Computation Offloading With Instantaneous Load Billing for Mobile Edge Computing AQA: An Adaptive Quality Assessment Framework for Online Review Systems Tracking GDPR Compliance in Cloud-Based Service Delivery Resource Provision and Allocation Based on Microeconomic Theory in Mobile Edge Computing Backdoor Attacks Against Transfer Learning With Pre-Trained Deep Learning Models RACE: QoI-Aware Strategic Resource Allocation for Provisioning Se-aaS Learning to Build Accurate Service Representations and Visualization A Mashup-Based Framework for Business Process Compliance Checking Elastic Resource Provisioning Using Data Clustering in Cloud Service Platform $d$ d -MABE: Distributed Multilevel Attribute-Based EMR Management and Applications. Lightweight Privacy-Preserving Medical Diagnosis in Edge Computing Efficient Encrypted Data Search With Expressive Queries and Flexible Update epcAware: A Game-Based, Energy, Performance and Cost-Efficient Resource Management Technique for Multi-Access Edge Computing Multi-Dimension Convolutional Neural Network for Bug Localization Message-Locked Searchable Encryption: A New Versatile Tool for Secure Cloud Storage Watermarking-Based Secure Plaintext Image Protocols for Storage, Show, Deletion and Retrieval in the Cloud Cloud-Based Charging Management of Heterogeneous Electric Vehicles in a Network of Charging Stations: Price Incentive Versus Capacity Expansion IMS: An Identity-Based Many-to-Many Subscription Scheme With Efficient Key Management for Wireless Broadcast Systems QoS-Aware Dynamic Cost Management Scheme for Sensors-as-a-Service Distributed Redundant Placement for Microservice-based Applications at the Edge READ: Robustness-Oriented Edge Application Deployment in Edge Computing Environment Guest Editor's Introduction: Special Section on EdgeAI as a Service Latency-Driven Model Placement for Efficient Edge Intelligence Service SEA-LEAP: Self-Adaptive and Locality-Aware Edge Analytics Placement Federated Learning With Heterogeneity-Aware Probabilistic Synchronous Parallel on Edge Employ AI to Improve AI Services : Q-Learning Based Holistic Traffic Control for Distributed Co-Inference in Deep Learning DDPQN: An Efficient DNN Offloading Strategy in Local-Edge-Cloud Collaborative Environments AI Back-End as a Service for Learning Switching of Mobile Apps Between the Fog and the Cloud An Efficient Online Computation Offloading Approach for Large-Scale Mobile Edge Computing via Deep Reinforcement Learning Privacy-Preserving Diverse Keyword Search and Online Pre-Diagnosis in Cloud Computing Locally Private High-Dimensional Crowdsourced Data Release Based on Copula Functions An Embedded GRASP-VNS based Two-Layer Framework for Tour Recommendation Decision as a Service (DaaS): A Service-Oriented Architecture Approach for Decisions in Processes Energy Utilization Task Scheduling for MapReduce in Heterogeneous Clusters Semantics of Data Mining Services in Cloud Computing