Guest Editor's Introduction: Special Section on Fog/Edge Computing and Services Congestion-Minimizing Network Update in Data Centers Incentive and Unconditionally Anonymous Identity-Based Public Provable Data Possession Efficient Provisioning of Security Service Function Chaining Using Network Security Defense Patterns. Energy and Migration Cost-Aware Dynamic Virtual Machine Consolidation in Heterogeneous Cloud Datacenters. Memory Partitioning and Management in Memcached. Minimizing Traffic Migration During Network Update in IaaS Datacenters. Optimizing Semantic Annotations for Web Service Invocation. Purpose-Based Privacy Preserving Access Control for Secure Service Provision and Composition. Security Middleground for Resource Protection in Measurement Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Towards Comprehensive Support for Privacy Preservation Cross-Organization Business Process Mining. Transformation-Based Streaming Workflow Allocation on Geo-Distributed Datacenters for Streaming Big Data Processing. Guest Editorial: Data-Centric Big Services Lightweight Indexing and Querying Services for Big Spatial Data Building and Querying an Enterprise Knowledge Graph A Novel Workflow-Level Data Placement Strategy for Data-Sharing Scientific Cloud Workflows SMS: A Framework for Service Discovery by Incorporating Social Media Information Learning the Evolution Regularities for BigService-Oriented Online Reliability Prediction Guest Editorial: Recent Advances in Web Services Research Fairness-Efficiency Allocation of CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Resources Social-Aware Data Dissemination via Device-to-Device Communications: Fusing Social and Mobile Networks with Incentive Constraints A Distributed Discovery of Communicating Resource Systems Models. A Hybrid Approach for Optimizing Carbon Footprint in InterCloud Environment. An Integrated Framework for Mining Temporal Logs from Fluctuating Events. Defending Against Flow Table Overloading Attack in Software-Defined Networks. Novel Artificial Bee Colony Algorithms for QoS-Aware Service Selection. QoS-Aware Web Service Selection with Internal Complementarity. Transactional Behavior Verification in Business Process as a Service Configuration. Understanding Mobile Users’ Privacy Expectations: A Recommendation-Based Method Through Crowdsourcing. Elastic Load Balancing for Dynamic Virtual Machine Reconfiguration Based on Vertical and Horizontal Scaling. Errata to “Guest Editor's Introduction: Special Section on Virtualization and Services for Cloud-Based Application Systems”. 2018 Reviewers List. Editorial. 2018 Index IEEE Transactions on Services Computing Vol. 11. Guest Editor's Introduction: Special Section on Services and Software Engineering Towards Internetware. Programming Situational Mobile Web Applications with Cloud-Mobile Convergence: An Internetware-Oriented Approach. ROSF: Leveraging Information Retrieval and Supervised Learning for Recommending Code Snippets. Multi-Dimensional QoS Prediction for Service Recommendations. Storage Sharing Optimization Under Constraints of SLO Compliance and Performance Variability. Architecture-Based Behavioral Adaptation with Generated Alternatives and Relaxed Constraints. Guest Editor's Introduction: Special Section on Virtualization and Services for Cloud-Based Application Systems. Straggler Root-Cause and Impact Analysis for Massive-scale Virtualized Cloud Datacenters. Flow Classification for Software-Defined Data Centers Using Stream Mining. Cost-Efficient Consolidating Service for Aliyun’s Cloud-Scale Computing. HyperCo: Optimizing Network Performance in ARM-Based Mobile Virtualization. A Cloud Brokerage Architecture for Efficient Cloud Service Selection. Multi-Objective Energy Efficient Virtual Machines Allocation at the Cloud Data Center. Enabling Semantic Search based on ConceptualGraphs over Encrypted Outsourced Data Electricity Price-aware Consolidation Algorithms for Time-sensitive VM Services in Cloud Systems A Novel Demand Dispatching Model for Autonomous On-Demand Services