EasyFont: A style learning-based system to easily build your large-scale handwriting fonts Surface reconstruction based on the modified Gauss formula Plan3D: Viewpoint and trajectory optimization for aerial multi-view stereo reconstruction Steklov spectral geometry for extrinsic shape analysis AligNet: Partial-shape agnostic alignment via unsupervised learning Spline interface for intuitive skinning weight editing Real-time high-accuracy three-dimensional reconstruction with consumer RGB-D cameras Editing fluid animation using flow interpolation DeepMimic: Example-Guided Deep Reinforcement Learning of Physics-Based Character Skills Neural best-buddies. An extended partitioned method for conservative solid-fluid coupling. Semantic soft segmentation. Metamolds. Point convolutional neural networks by extension operators. Computational design of nanostructural color for additive manufacturing. Fast and deep deformation approximations. Fast winding numbers for soups and clouds. Efficient rendering of layered materials using an atomic decomposition with statistical operators. Hyper-reduced projective dynamics. 3D printing spatially varying color and translucency. Physical simulation of environmentally induced thin shell deformation. Numerical coarsening using discontinuous shape functions. Shape from metric. Multi-scale simulation of nonlinear thin-shell sound with wave turbulence. Scalable laplacian eigenfluids. Support-free volume printing by multi-axis motion. Visual rhythm and beat. Dynamic kelvinlets. Single-image SVBRDF capture with a rendering-aware deep network. FEPR. Toonsynth. Looking to listen at the cocktail party. Quadrangulation through morse-parameterization hybridization. Integer-only cross field computation. A multi-scale model for simulating liquid-fabric interactions. Curved optimal delaunay triangulation. Animating fluid sediment mixture in particle-laden flows. Optimizing for aesthetically pleasing qadrotor camera motion. Skaterbots. Gradient-domain volumetric photon density estimation. A material point method for thin shells with frictional contact. Online optical marker-based hand tracking with deep labels. Deep exemplar-based colorization. Slang. Instant 3D photography. Robust solving of optical motion capture data by denoising. Perception-driven semi-structured boundary vectorization. Predictive and generative neural networks for object functionality. Tetrahedral meshing in the wild. A moving least squares material point method with displacement discontinuity and two-way rigid body coupling.