A Tutorial on Extremely Large-Scale MIMO for 6G: Fundamentals, Signal Processing, and Applications A Systematic Survey On Security in Anonymity Networks: Vulnerabilities, Attacks, Defenses, and Formalization Hardware Security for Internet of Things Identity Assurance Post-Quantum Blockchain Security for the Internet of Things: Survey and Research Directions Federated Learning-Empowered Mobile Network Management for 5G and Beyond Networks: From Access to Core Revolutionizing Future Connectivity: A Contemporary Survey On AI-Empowered Satellite-Based Non-Terrestrial Networks in 6G Unleashing the Power of Edge-Cloud Generative AI in Mobile Networks: A Survey of AIGC Services Editorial: Fourth Quarter 2023 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. A Survey on Digital Twin for Industrial Internet of Things: Applications, Technologies and Tools Editorial: Third Quarter 2023 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials A Survey of Public IoT Datasets for Network Security Research Editorial: Second Quarter 2023 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. Corrections to “On the Capacity of Intensity-Modulation Direct-Detection Gaussian Optical Wireless Communication Channels: A Tutorial”. Editorial: First Quarter 2023 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. A Tutorial on Immersive Video Delivery: From Omnidirectional Video to Holography Machine Learning for Service Migration: A Survey A Survey on Machine Learning-based Misbehavior Detection Systems for 5G and Beyond Vehicular Networks Adversarial Machine Learning for Network Intrusion Detection Systems: A Comprehensive Survey Offloading using Traditional Optimization and Machine Learning in Federated Cloud-Edge-Fog Systems: A Survey Understanding O-RAN: Architecture, Interfaces, Algorithms, Security, and Research Challenges Twelve Scientific Challenges for 6G: Rethinking the Foundations of Communications Theory Security and Privacy on 6G Network Edge: A Survey Survey on Machine Learning for Traffic-Driven Service Provisioning in Optical Networks On the Road to 6G: Visions, Requirements, Key Technologies and Testbeds A Tutorial on Internet of Behaviors: Concept, Architecture, Technology, Applications, and Challenges Aerospace Integrated Networks Innovation for Empowering 6G: A Survey and Future Challenges Security of Wide-Area Monitoring, Protection, and Control (WAMPAC) Systems of the Smart Grid: A Survey on Challenges and Opportunities A Survey of Important Issues in Quantum Computing and Communications Artificial Intelligence of Things for Smarter Healthcare: A Survey of Advancements, Challenges, and Opportunities Coding Techniques for Backscatter Communications -A Contemporary Survey A Survey on Controller Area Network Reverse Engineering Covert Communications: A Comprehensive Survey Empowering Network Security with Programmable Switches: A Comprehensive Survey A Survey on Industrial Control System Digital Forensics: Challenges, Advances and Future Directions A Survey on Low-Power GNSS A Tutorial on Immersive Video Delivery: From Omnidirectional Video to Holography A Survey on Over-the-Air Computation Backscatter Communication Meets Practical Battery-Free Internet of Things: A Survey and Outlook A Survey on Scalable LoRaWAN for Massive IoT: Recent Advances, Potentials, and Challenges Towards Addressing Training Data Scarcity Challenge in Emerging Radio Access Networks: A Survey and Framework Cyber Threat Intelligence Mining for Proactive Cybersecurity Defense: A Survey and New Perspectives Machine Learning for Service Migration: A Survey A Concise Tutorial on Traffic Shaping and Scheduling in Time-Sensitive Networks Explainable Intrusion Detection for Cyber Defences in the Internet of Things: Opportunities and Solutions Tensor-Empowered Federated Learning for Cyber-Physical-Social Computing and Communication Systems A Survey on Applications of Cache-Aided NOMA