Table of contents. Editorial: Second Quarter 2020 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. Orbital Angular Momentum Waves: Generation, Detection, and Emerging Applications. Convergence of Edge Computing and Deep Learning: A Comprehensive Survey. A Survey on 5G Usage Scenarios and Traffic Models. Optical Wireless Hybrid Networks: Trends, Opportunities, Challenges, and Research Directions. Energy and Information Management of Electric Vehicular Network: A Survey. Securing Connected & Autonomous Vehicles: Challenges Posed by Adversarial Machine Learning and the Way Forward. A Survey of IoT Management Protocols and Frameworks. Sensing, Computing, and Communications for Energy Harvesting IoTs: A Survey. Machine Learning for Resource Management in Cellular and IoT Networks: Potentials, Current Solutions, and Open Challenges. NOMA-Assisted Machine-Type Communications in UDN: State-of-the-Art and Challenges. Survey of Non-Image-Based Approaches for Counting People. SS7 Vulnerabilities—A Survey and Implementation of Machine Learning vs Rule Based Filtering for Detection of SS7 Network Attacks. Realizing an Internet of Secure Things: A Survey on Issues and Enabling Technologies. Blockchain and Machine Learning for Communications and Networking Systems. A Survey of Distributed Consensus Protocols for Blockchain Networks. Table of contents. Editorial: First Quarter 2020 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. New Radio Beam-Based Access to Unlicensed Spectrum: Design Challenges and Solutions. Machine Learning Meets Computation and Communication Control in Evolving Edge and Cloud: Challenges and Future Perspective. Forwarding Strategies in NDN-Based Wireless Networks: A Survey. The Development, Operation and Performance of the 5G Polar Codes. Polar Codes and Their Quantum-Domain Counterparts. Multi-Connectivity as an Enabler for Reliable Low Latency Communications—An Overview. A Survey on Security Aspects for 3GPP 5G Networks. A Survey on Security and Privacy of 5G Technologies: Potential Solutions, Recent Advancements, and Future Directions A Survey on Coping With Intentional Interference in Satellite Navigation for Manned and Unmanned Aircraft. Potential Data Link Candidates for Civilian Unmanned Aircraft Systems: A Survey. A Survey on Anomalous Behavior Detection for Elderly Care Using Dense-Sensing Networks. A Survey on LoRa Networking: Research Problems, Current Solutions, and Open Issues. Toward Massive Machine Type Communications in Ultra-Dense Cellular IoT Networks: Current Issues and Machine Learning-Assisted Solutions. A Survey on Controller Placement in SDN. A Survey on FPGA Support for the Feasible Execution of Virtualized Network Functions. QoE Management of Multimedia Streaming Services in Future Networks: A Tutorial and Survey. IETF 6TiSCH: A Tutorial. Security of the Internet of Things: Vulnerabilities, Attacks, and Countermeasures. Taxonomy and Challenges of Out-of-Band Signal Injection Attacks and Defenses. Toward Proactive, Adaptive Defense: A Survey on Moving Target Defense. Differential Privacy Techniques for Cyber Physical Systems: A Survey. Blockchain Meets Cloud Computing: A Survey Machine Learning in IoT Security: Current Solutions and Future Challenges A Journey from Improper Gaussian Signaling to Asymmetric Signaling The Future of Healthcare Internet of Things: A Survey of Emerging Technologies Routing in Flying Ad Hoc Networks: A Comprehensive Survey A Tutorial on Interference Exploitation via Symbol-Level Precoding: Overview, State-of-the-Art and Future Directions Federated Learning in Mobile Edge Networks: A Comprehensive Survey A Survey of Moving Target Defenses for Network Security A Survey on the Internet of Things (IoT) Forensics: Challenges, Approaches and Open Issues Why Are My Flows Different? A Tutorial on Flow Exporters