Editorial: Fourth Quarter 2022 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. How Deep the Theory of Quantum Communications Goes: Superadditivity, Superactivation and Causal Activation Terahertz Channel Propagation Phenomena, Measurement Techniques and Modeling for 6G Wireless Communication Applications: A Survey, Open Challenges and Future Research Directions Intelligent Omni-Surfaces: Simultaneous Refraction and Reflection for Full-Dimensional Wireless Communications Rate-Splitting Multiple Access: Fundamentals, Survey, and Future Research Trends A Survey on Trust Models in Heterogeneous Networks Blockchain Meets Covert Communication: A Survey Integrating Edge Intelligence and Blockchain: What, Why, and How Digital Twins: A Survey on Enabling Technologies, Challenges, Trends and Future Prospects A Survey on IoT-Enabled Home Automation Systems: Attacks and Defenses A Survey on Mobility of Edge Computing Networks in IoT: State-of-the-Art, Architectures, and Challenges Pervasive AI for IoT Applications: A Survey on Resource-Efficient Distributed Artificial Intelligence Balancing QoS and Security in the Edge: Existing Practices, Challenges, and 6G Opportunities With Machine Learning A Comprehensive Survey on Radio Resource Management in 5G HetNets: Current Solutions, Future Trends and Open Issues Zero Touch Management: A Survey of Network Automation Solutions for 5G and 6G Networks. Wireless Backhaul in 5G and Beyond: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities Evolution of Non-Terrestrial Networks From 5G to 6G: A Survey Editorial: Third Quarter 2022 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials What Will the Future of UAV Cellular Communications Be? A Flight From 5G to 6G Device-to-Device Relaying: Optimization, Performance Perspectives, and Open Challenges Towards 6G Networks Internet of Intelligence: A Survey on the Enabling Technologies, Applications, and Challenges Collaborative Sensing in Internet of Things: A Comprehensive Survey Digital Twin: A Comprehensive Survey of Security Threats Electric Vehicle Charging: A Survey on the Security Issues and Challenges of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) A Survey on Network Security for Cyber–Physical Systems: From Threats to Resilient Design Survey on Issues and Recent Advances in Vehicular Public-Key Infrastructure (VPKI) Link-Layer Retransmission-Based Error-Control Protocols in FSO Communications: A Survey Terahertz Wireless Channels: A Holistic Survey on Measurement, Modeling, and Analysis A Review of Millimeter Wave Device-Based Localization and Device-Free Sensing Technologies and Applications A Survey on Mobile Charging Techniques in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks A Tutorial on Terahertz-Band Localization for 6G Communication Systems Mobility Support for Millimeter Wave Communications: Opportunities and Challenges Wi-Fi Meets ML: A Survey on Improving IEEE 802.11 Performance With Machine Learning An Introduction to Online Video Game QoS and QoE Influencing Factors Editorial: Second Quarter 2022 IEEE COMMUNICATIONS SURVEYS AND TUTORIALS Jamming Attacks and Anti-Jamming Strategies in Wireless Networks: A Comprehensive Survey. A Survey of Physical Layer Techniques for Secure Wireless Communications in Industry. The Evolution of Quantum Key Distribution Networks: On the Road to the Qinternet. Toward a Systematic Survey for Carbon Neutral Data Centers. Smartphone App Usage Analysis: Datasets, Methods, and Applications. Seven Defining Features of Terahertz (THz) Wireless Systems: A Fellowship of Communication and Sensing. A Survey on Fundamental Limits of Integrated Sensing and Communication. A Survey on Channel Estimation and Practical Passive Beamforming Design for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Aided Wireless Communications. A Tutorial on Mathematical Modeling of 5G/6G Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Cellular Systems. Cellular, Wide-Area, and Non-Terrestrial IoT: A Survey on 5G Advances and the Road Toward 6G. A Survey of Intelligent Network Slicing Management for Industrial IoT: Integrated Approaches for Smart Transportation, Smart Energy, and Smart Factory. A Comprehensive Survey on the Applications of Blockchain for Securing Vehicular Networks. Applications of Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning in Future Internet: A Comprehensive Survey.