Table of contents. Editorial: Fourth Quarter 2019 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. Effective Capacity in Wireless Networks: A Comprehensive Survey. Application of Machine Learning in Wireless Networks: Key Techniques and Open Issues. Massive MIMO Detection Techniques: A Survey. Applications of Deep Reinforcement Learning in Communications and Networking: A Survey. Communicating Using Spatial Mode Multiplexing: Potentials, Challenges, and Perspectives. Elevation Beamforming With Full Dimension MIMO Architectures in 5G Systems: A Tutorial. Autonomic Handover Management for Heterogeneous Networks in a Future Internet Context: A Survey. Design Challenges of Multi-UAV Systems in Cyber-Physical Applications: A Comprehensive Survey and Future Directions. A Survey of Game Theory in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Communications. Survey on UAV Cellular Communications: Practical Aspects, Standardization Advancements, Regulation, and Security Challenges. Toward the Internet of Underground Things: A Systematic Survey. A Survey on Information and Communication Technologies for Industry 4.0: State-of-the-Art, Taxonomies, Perspectives, and Challenges. Ubiquitous Localization (UbiLoc): A Survey and Taxonomy on Device Free Localization for Smart World. A State-of-the-Art Survey on Multidimensional Scaling-Based Localization Techniques. A Survey on Recent Advances in Transport Layer Protocols. A Survey of Delay-Based and Hybrid TCP Congestion Control Algorithms. Intrusion Detection Systems: A Cross-Domain Overview. Defense Mechanisms Against DDoS Attacks in a Cloud Computing Environment: State-of-the-Art and Research Challenges. A Vademecum on Blockchain Technologies: When, Which, and How. Table of contents. Editorial: Third Quarter 2019 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. Comprehensive Study on MIMO-Related Interference Management in WLANs. A Survey on Ultraviolet C-Band (UV-C) Communications. Multidimensional Constellations for Uplink SCMA Systems—A Comparative Study. A Survey-cum-Tutorial on Approximations to Gaussian ${Q}$ Function for Symbol Error Probability Analysis Over Nakagami- ${m}$ Fading Channels. Deep Learning in Mobile and Wireless Networking: A Survey. Fundamentals of Mobility-Aware Performance Characterization of Cellular Networks: A Tutorial. Survey of Turbo, LDPC, and Polar Decoder ASIC Implementations. A Tutorial on UAVs for Wireless Networks: Applications, Challenges, and Open Problems. A Survey of Air-to-Ground Propagation Channel Modeling for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Vehicular Data Space: The Data Point of View. A Survey on Mobile Crowdsensing Systems: Challenges, Solutions, and Opportunities. A Survey of Underwater Magnetic Induction Communications: Fundamental Issues, Recent Advances, and Challenges. Enabling Technologies for Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications: From PHY and MAC Layer Perspectives. On Mobile Edge Caching. 5G Waveforms for IoT Applications. A Survey of Indoor Localization Systems and Technologies. Software Defined Networks-Based Smart Grid Communication: A Comprehensive Survey. Network Intrusion Detection for IoT Security Based on Learning Techniques. Demystifying IoT Security: An Exhaustive Survey on IoT Vulnerabilities and a First Empirical Look on Internet-Scale IoT Exploitations. A Survey of Blockchain Technology Applied to Smart Cities: Research Issues and Challenges. Key Management Systems for Smart Grid Advanced Metering Infrastructure: A Survey. Data-Oriented Mobile Crowdsensing: A Comprehensive Survey. Smart Grid Metering Networks: A Survey on Security, Privacy and Open Research Issues. A Comparative Review of MEMS-Based Optical Cross-Connects for All-Optical Networks From the Past to the Present Day. On Optimizing VLC Networks for Downlink Multi-User Transmission: A Survey. Optimization of Component Elements in Integrated Coding Systems for Green Communications: A Survey. Table of contents