Editorial: Second Quarter 2022 IEEE COMMUNICATIONS SURVEYS AND TUTORIALS Jamming Attacks and Anti-Jamming Strategies in Wireless Networks: A Comprehensive Survey. A Survey of Physical Layer Techniques for Secure Wireless Communications in Industry. The Evolution of Quantum Key Distribution Networks: On the Road to the Qinternet. Toward a Systematic Survey for Carbon Neutral Data Centers. Smartphone App Usage Analysis: Datasets, Methods, and Applications. Seven Defining Features of Terahertz (THz) Wireless Systems: A Fellowship of Communication and Sensing. A Survey on Fundamental Limits of Integrated Sensing and Communication. A Survey on Channel Estimation and Practical Passive Beamforming Design for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Aided Wireless Communications. A Tutorial on Mathematical Modeling of 5G/6G Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Cellular Systems. Cellular, Wide-Area, and Non-Terrestrial IoT: A Survey on 5G Advances and the Road Toward 6G. A Survey of Intelligent Network Slicing Management for Industrial IoT: Integrated Approaches for Smart Transportation, Smart Energy, and Smart Factory. A Comprehensive Survey on the Applications of Blockchain for Securing Vehicular Networks. Applications of Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning in Future Internet: A Comprehensive Survey. A Survey of Collaborative Machine Learning Using 5G Vehicular Communications. Editorial: First Quarter 2022 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials Holistic Network Virtualization and Pervasive Network Intelligence for 6G IPFS and Friends: A Qualitative Comparison of Next Generation Peer-to-Peer Data Networks A Survey on Space-Air-Ground-Sea Integrated Network Security in 6G A Comprehensive Survey on Blockchain in Industrial Internet of Things: Motivations, Research Progresses, and Future Challenges Adversarial Machine Learning: A Multilayer Review of the State-of-the-Art and Challenges for Wireless and Mobile Systems Blockchain-Empowered Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks: Opportunities, Challenges, and Solutions AI Models for Green Communications Towards 6G How Machine Learning Changes the Nature of Cyberattacks on IoT Networks: A Survey Surveying Trust-Based Collaborative Intrusion Detection: State-of-the-Art, Challenges and Future Directions Enabling Joint Communication and Radar Sensing in Mobile Networks—A Survey Machine Learning for Security in Vehicular Networks: A Comprehensive Survey A Survey on Cooperative Architectures and Maneuvers for Connected and Automated Vehicles Reliable Data Collection Techniques in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey Ubiquitous Acoustic Sensing on Commodity IoT Devices: A Survey On the Capacity of Intensity-Modulation Direct-Detection Gaussian Optical Wireless Communication Channels: A Tutorial Cell-Free Massive MIMO: A Survey A Survey on High-Throughput Non-Binary LDPC Decoders: ASIC, FPGA, and GPU Architectures A Survey on Millimeter-Wave Beamforming Enabled UAV Communications and Networking User-Centric Cell-Free Massive MIMO Networks: A Survey of Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions A Survey on 5G Radio Access Network Energy Efficiency: Massive MIMO, Lean Carrier Design, Sleep Modes, and Machine Learning Packet Header Compression: A Principle-Based Survey of Standards and Recent Research Studies Deep Learning for Massive MIMO Uplink Detectors Channel Non-Stationarity and Consistency for Beyond 5G and 6G: A Survey Cellular, Wide-Area, and Non-Terrestrial IoT: A Survey on 5G Advances and the Road Towards 6G IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials Leveraging Deep Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Engineering: A Survey Big Data Resource Management & Networks: Taxonomy, Survey, and Future Directions Resource Scheduling in Edge Computing: A Survey Content Delivery Network Security: A Survey A Survey of Decentralizing Applications via Blockchain: The 5G and Beyond Perspective Quantum Internet—Applications, Functionalities, Enabling Technologies, Challenges, and Research Directions A Survey on Industrial Control System Testbeds and Datasets for Security Research