Table of contents Editorial: Second Quarter 2019 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. Multicast and Broadcast Services Over Mobile Networks: A Survey on Standardized Approaches and Scientific Outcomes. A Survey on the Programmability of Wireless MAC Protocols. Secure Wireless Communications Based on Compressive Sensing: A Survey. Survey of Spectrum Sharing for Inter-Technology Coexistence. Comprehensive Survey of Galvanic Coupling and Alternative Intra-Body Communication Technologies. LTE-Based Public Safety Networks: A Survey. Improvements of Energy-Efficient Techniques in WSNs: A MAC-Protocol Approach. Quantum Search Algorithms for Wireless Communications. Networking and Communications in Autonomous Driving: A Survey. Privacy-Preserving Content Dissemination for Vehicular Social Networks: Challenges and Solutions. Classification Framework for Free Space Optical Communication Links and Systems. An Overview on Application of Machine Learning Techniques in Optical Networks. A Survey on the Placement of Virtual Resources and Virtual Network Functions. Survey of Consistent Software-Defined Network Updates. Virtualization of Residential Gateways: A Comprehensive Survey. Integrated Blockchain and Edge Computing Systems: A Survey, Some Research Issues and Challenges. The Sensable City: A Survey on the Deployment and Management for Smart City Monitoring. Internet of Mobile Things: Overview of LoRaWAN, DASH7, and NB-IoT in LPWANs Standards and Supported Mobility. Routing Attacks and Mitigation Methods for RPL-Based Internet of Things. A Survey of Limitations and Enhancements of the IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks: A Focus on Core Operations. Anatomy of Threats to the Internet of Things. Applications of Blockchains in the Internet of Things: A Comprehensive Survey. Data-Driven Cybersecurity Incident Prediction: A Survey. Classifications and Applications of Physical Layer Security Techniques for Confidentiality: A Comprehensive Survey. An Overview of Physical Layer Security With Finite-Alphabet Signaling. A Survey on Advanced Persistent Threats: Techniques, Solutions, Challenges, and Research Opportunities. A Survey of Optimization Approaches for Wireless Physical Layer Security. Optimizing Bloom Filter: Challenges, Solutions, and Comparisons. Packet Forwarding in Named Data Networking Requirements and Survey of Solutions. Towards the Deployment of Machine Learning Solutions in Network Traffic Classification: A Systematic Survey. FPGA-Assisted DPI Systems: 100 Gbit/s and Beyond. A Comprehensive Tutorial on Science DMZ. Table of contents. Editorial: First Quarter 2019 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. Flexibility in Softwarized Networks: Classifications and Research Challenges Table of contents. Editorial: Fourth Quarter 2018 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. From Intrusion Detection to Attacker Attribution: A Comprehensive Survey of Unsupervised Methods. Robustness of reflection symmetry detection methods on visual stresses in human perception perspective Table of contents. Editorial: Third Quarter 2018 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. A Domain-Specific Comparison of Information-Centric Networking Architectures for Connected Vehicles. Network Slicing and Softwarization: A Survey on Principles, Enabling Technologies, and Solutions. Table of contents. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid publication information. IEEE Power Engineering Society information for authors. Blank page. Editorial: Second Quarter 2018 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials.