Table of contents Editorial: Third Quarter 2021 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials The Evolution of Optical OFDM Distributed Machine Learning for Wireless Communication Networks: Techniques, Architectures, and Applications A Survey of Molecular Communication in Cell Biology: Establishing a New Hierarchy for Interdisciplinary Applications Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces: Principles and Opportunities Survey on Machine Learning for Intelligent End-to-End Communication Toward 6G: From Network Access, Routing to Traffic Control and Streaming Adaption Neurosciences and Wireless Networks: The Potential of Brain-Type Communications and Their Applications Federated Learning for Internet of Things: A Comprehensive Survey Deep Reinforcement Learning for Internet of Things: A Comprehensive Survey A Survey on Technologies, Standards and Open Challenges in Satellite IoT Performance Determinants in LoRa Networks: A Literature Review Federated Learning for Internet of Things: Recent Advances, Taxonomy, and Open Challenges A Comprehensive Survey on Coded Distributed Computing: Fundamentals, Challenges, and Networking Applications A Review of Computer Vision Methods in Network Security Security and Privacy in the Emerging Cyber-Physical World: A Survey A Survey of Deep Learning Techniques for Cybersecurity in Mobile Networks The Origin and Evolution of Open Programmable Networks and SDN A Tutorial on 5G NR V2X Communications Comprehensive Survey on Machine Learning in Vehicular Network: Technology, Applications and Challenges Table of contents Editorial: Second Quarter 2021 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials A Survey on Resource Allocation for 5G Heterogeneous Networks: Current Research, Future Trends, and Challenges Machine Learning for Wireless Link Quality Estimation: A Survey A Vision and Framework for the High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) Networks of the Future Radio Resource Management in Joint Radar and Communication: A Comprehensive Survey A Survey of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Formation: Performance, Formation Control, and Communication Capability Resource Allocation and Service Provisioning in Multi-Agent Cloud Robotics: A Comprehensive Survey A Survey on Multi-Access Edge Computing Applied to Video Streaming: Some Research Issues and Challenges Internet of Underwater Things and Big Marine Data Analytics—A Comprehensive Survey Survey on Network Slicing for Internet of Things Realization in 5G Networks Deep Learning for Radio-Based Human Sensing: Recent Advances and Future Directions A Survey on Standards for Interoperability and Security in the Internet of Things A Survey on Device Behavior Fingerprinting: Data Sources, Techniques, Application Scenarios, and Datasets Survey on Multi-Access Edge Computing Security and Privacy A Survey on Sensor-Based Threats and Attacks to Smart Devices and Applications A Survey on Mobile Augmented Reality With 5G Mobile Edge Computing: Architectures, Applications, and Technical Aspects Survey on Aerial Radio Access Networks: Toward a Comprehensive 6G Access Infrastructure Single and Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for AI-Enabled Wireless Networks: A Tutorial A Survey on Coverage Enhancement in Cellular Networks: Challenges and Solutions for Future Deployments Federated Machine Learning: Survey, Multi-Level Classification, Desirable Criteria and Future Directions in Communication and Networking Systems Hybrid LiFi and WiFi Networks: A Survey Erratum Erratum to “Video Caching, Analytics, and Delivery at the Wireless Edge: A Survey and Future Directions” Table of contents Editorial: First Quarter 2021 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials A Survey on Modulation Techniques in Molecular Communication via Diffusion Design of Polar Codes in 5G New Radio Fifty Years of Noise Modeling and Mitigation in Power-Line Communications Satellite Communications in the New Space Era: A Survey and Future Challenges A Comprehensive Survey on Moving Networks