Table of contents. Editorial: First Quarter 2019 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. Flexibility in Softwarized Networks: Classifications and Research Challenges Table of contents. Editorial: Fourth Quarter 2018 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. From Intrusion Detection to Attacker Attribution: A Comprehensive Survey of Unsupervised Methods. Robustness of reflection symmetry detection methods on visual stresses in human perception perspective Table of contents. Editorial: Third Quarter 2018 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. A Domain-Specific Comparison of Information-Centric Networking Architectures for Connected Vehicles. Network Slicing and Softwarization: A Survey on Principles, Enabling Technologies, and Solutions. Table of contents. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid publication information. IEEE Power Engineering Society information for authors. Blank page. Editorial: Second Quarter 2018 IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Communication for Future Wireless Systems: A Survey. Millimeter-Wave Communications: Physical Channel Models, Design Considerations, Antenna Constructions, and Link-Budget. A Survey on Human-Centric Communications in Non-Cooperative Wireless Relay Networks. Seamless Multimedia Delivery Within a Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Environment: Are We There Yet? Wireless Network Design for Control Systems: A Survey. Joint Inter-Flow Network Coding and Opportunistic Routing in Multi-Hop Wireless Mesh Networks: A Comprehensive Survey. On Reliable Data Transfer in Underwater Acoustic Networks: A Survey From Networking Perspective. Wireless Multimedia Cognitive Radio Networks: A Comprehensive Survey. A Survey on Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing Mechanisms for Mobile Free-Space Optical Communications. Survey of Cellular Mobile Radio Localization Methods: From 1G to 5G. A Survey on Quantum Channel Capacities. A Survey on Virtual Machine Migration: Challenges, Techniques, and Open Issues. A Survey on Metrics and Measurement Tools for Sustainable Distributed Cloud Networks. Energy Efficiency on Fully Cloudified Mobile Networks: Survey, Challenges, and Open Issues. Survey and Taxonomy of Transmissions Power Control Mechanisms for Wireless Body Area Networks. Beamforming in Wireless Energy Harvesting Communications Systems: A Survey. Optimal Countermeasures Selection Against Cyber Attacks: A Comprehensive Survey on Reaction Frameworks. Detecting and Preventing Cyber Insider Threats: A Survey. Security and Privacy Analysis of National Science Foundation Future Internet Architectures. Caching in Information-Centric Networking: Strategies, Challenges, and Future Research Directions. Network-Wide Initiatives to Control Measurement Mechanisms: A Survey. Datacenter Traffic Control: Understanding Techniques and Tradeoffs. Workload Generators for Web-Based Systems: Characteristics, Current Status, and Challenges. Simulating Opportunistic Networks: Survey and Future Directions. Design Guidelines of Low-Density Parity-Check Codes for Magnetic Recording Systems. Table of contents. Bifurcation Analysis of Parallel-Connected Voltage-Source Inverters With Constant Power Loads. Static Voltage Security Region-Based Coordinated Voltage Control in Smart Distribution Grids. DC Offset Removal Algorithm for Improving Location Estimates of Momentary Faults. Decision-Making Models for the Participants in Cloud Energy Storage. Thermal Battery Modeling of Inverter Air Conditioning for Demand Response. Robust Stochastic Dynamic Load Dispatch Against Uncertainties. Optimal and Robust Control in DC Microgrids. Shunt Capacitor Banks Online Monitoring Using a Superimposed Reactance Method.