The R Package forestinventory: Design-Based Global and Small Area Estimations for Multiphase Forest Inventories Continuous Ordinal Regression for Analysis of Visual Analogue Scales: The R Package ordinalCont fastnet: An R Package for Fast Simulation and Analysis of Large-Scale Social Networks Wilcoxon Rank-Based Tests for Clustered Data with R Package clusrank Generalized Network Autoregressive Processes and the GNAR Package LocalControl: An R Package for Comparative Safety and Effectiveness Research Generating Optimal Designs for Discrete Choice Experiments in R: The idefix Package Performing Parallel Monte Carlo and Moment Equations Methods for Ito and Stratonovich Stochastic Differential Systems: R Package Sim.DiffProc vsgoftest: An R Package for Goodness-of-Fit Testing Based on Kullback-Leibler Divergence survHE: Survival Analysis for Health Economic Evaluation and Cost-Effectiveness Modeling acebayes: An R Package for Bayesian Optimal Design of Experiments via Approximate Coordinate Exchange Gene-Based Methods to Detect Gene-Gene Interaction in R: The GeneGeneInteR Package mlogit: Random Utility Models in R Computing the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Distribution When the Underlying CDF is Purely Discrete, Mixed, or Continuous The R Package hmi: A Convenient Tool for Hierarchical Multiple Imputation and Beyond Phonetic Spelling Algorithm Implementations for R Patch-Wise Adaptive Weights Smoothing in R Computationally Efficient Simulation of Queues: The R Package queuecomputer Zigzag Expanded Navigation Plots in R: The R Package zenplots A Data Envelopment Analysis Toolbox for MATLAB Estimating Animal Abundance with N-Mixture Models Using the R-INLA Package for R Various Versatile Variances: An Object-Oriented Implementation of Clustered Covariances in R MultiBUGS: A Parallel Implementation of the BUGS Modelling Framework for Faster Bayesian Inference. Pseudo-Ranks: How to Calculate Them Efficiently in R ANOVA_robust: A SAS Macro for Parametric Tests of Mean Differences in One-Factor ANOVA Models ROI: An Extensible R Optimization Infrastructure CVXR: An R Package for Disciplined Convex Optimization BOIN: An R Package for Designing Single-Agent and Drug-Combination Dose-Finding Trials Using Bayesian Optimal Interval Designs PResiduals: An R Package for Residual Analysis Using Probability-Scale Residuals deconvolveR: A G-Modeling Program for Deconvolution and Empirical Bayes Estimation Boosting Functional Regression Models with FDboost StreamingBandit: Experimenting with Bandit Policies BASS: An R Package for Fitting and Performing Sensitivity Analysis of Bayesian Adaptive Spline Surfaces credsubs: Multiplicity-Adjusted Subset Identification AssocTests: An R Package for Genetic Association Studies Data Science with Julia Assoctests: An R package for genetic association studies Bess: An R package for best subset selection in linear, logistic and cox proportional hazards models Bayesnetbp: An R package for probabilistic reasoning in Bayesian networks Covatest: An R package for selecting a class of space-time covariance functions R package obsmd for follow-up designs in an objective bayesian framework Hybridmodels: An r package for the stochastic simulation of disease spreading in dynamic networks Using GNU Make to Manage the Workflow of Data Analysis Projects preference: An R Package for Two-Stage Clinical Trial Design Accounting for Patient Preference GDINA: An R Package for Cognitive Diagnosis Modeling webchem: An R Package to Retrieve Chemical Information from the Web idem: An R Package for Inferences in Clinical Trials with Death and Missingness Network Coincidence Analysis: The netCoin R Package Hierarchical Archimedean Copulas for MATLAB and Octave: The HACopula Toolbox A Computer Algebra System for R: Macaulay2 and the m2r Package