Regularized Ordinal Regression and the ordinalNet R Package. Causal Effect Identification from Multiple Incomplete Data Sources: A General Search-Based Approach Robust Analysis of Sample Selection Models through the R Package ssmrob cold: An R Package for the Analysis of Count Longitudinal Data The R Package sentometrics to Compute, Aggregate, and Predict with Textual Sentiment Optimal Design Generation and Power Evaluation in R: The skpr Package Distributions.jl: Definition and Modeling of Probability Distributions in the JuliaStats Ecosystem Dimension Reduction for Time Series in a Blind Source Separation Context Using R mexhaz: An R Package for Fitting Flexible Hazard-Based Regression Models for Overall and Excess Mortality with a Random Effect hetGP: Heteroskedastic Gaussian Process Modeling and Sequential Design in R SeqNet: An R Package for Generating Gene-Gene Networks and Simulating RNA-Seq Data. cutpointr: Improved Estimation and Validation of Optimal Cutpoints in R Continuous Time Individual-Level Models of Infectious Disease: Package EpiILMCT The adoptr Package: Adaptive Optimal Designs for Clinical Trials in R Analysis of Multiplex Social Networks with R Conformal Prediction with Orange NScluster: An R Package for Maximum Palm Likelihood Estimation for Cluster Point Process Models Using OpenMP Subgroup Identification Using the personalized Package FRK: An R Package for Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Prediction with Large Datasets Model-Based Clustering, Classification, and Discriminant Analysis Using the Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution: MixGHD R package Bayesian Multivariate Spatial Models for Lattice Data with INLA Monitoring Data in R with the lumberjack Package Data Visualization: Charts, Maps, and Interactive Graphics Data Science in Stata 16: Frames, Lasso, and Python Integration Data Validation Infrastructure for R multimode: An R Package for Mode Assessment mosum: A Package for Moving Sums in Change-Point Analysis FamEvent: An R Package for Generating and Modeling Time-to-Event Data in Family Designs Ball: An R Package for Detecting Distribution Difference and Association in Metric Spaces svars: An R Package for Data-Driven Identification in Multivariate Time Series Analysis Simulating Survival Data Using the simsurv R Package microsynth: Synthetic Control Methods for Disaggregated and Micro-Level Data in R Nonparametric Machine Learning and Efficient Computation with Bayesian Additive Regression Trees: The BART R Package The R Package forestinventory: Design-Based Global and Small Area Estimations for Multiphase Forest Inventories R-Friendly Multi-Threading in C plus Continuous Ordinal Regression for Analysis of Visual Analogue Scales: The R Package ordinalCont fastnet: An R Package for Fast Simulation and Analysis of Large-Scale Social Networks Wilcoxon Rank-Based Tests for Clustered Data with R Package clusrank Generalized Network Autoregressive Processes and the GNAR Package LocalControl: An R Package for Comparative Safety and Effectiveness Research Generating Optimal Designs for Discrete Choice Experiments in R: The idefix Package Performing Parallel Monte Carlo and Moment Equations Methods for Ito and Stratonovich Stochastic Differential Systems: R Package Sim.DiffProc vsgoftest: An R Package for Goodness-of-Fit Testing Based on Kullback-Leibler Divergence survHE: Survival Analysis for Health Economic Evaluation and Cost-Effectiveness Modeling acebayes: An R Package for Bayesian Optimal Design of Experiments via Approximate Coordinate Exchange Gene-Based Methods to Detect Gene-Gene Interaction in R: The GeneGeneInteR Package mlogit: Random Utility Models in R Computing the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Distribution When the Underlying CDF is Purely Discrete, Mixed, or Continuous The R Package hmi: A Convenient Tool for Hierarchical Multiple Imputation and Beyond Phonetic Spelling Algorithm Implementations for R