SimInf: An R Package for Data-Driven Stochastic Disease Spread Simulations Learning Large-Scale Bayesian Networks with the sparsebn Package Beyond Tandem Analysis: Joint Dimension Reduction and Clustering in R Fuzzy Forests: Extending Random Forest Feature Selection for Correlated, High-Dimensional Data nprobust: Nonparametric Kernel-Based Estimation and Robust Bias-Corrected Inference The R Package emdi for Estimating and Mapping Regionally Disaggregated Indicators Psychological Test Toolbox: A New Tool to Compute Factor Analysis Controlling Response Bias Depth and Depth-Based Classification with R Package ddalpha Markov-Switching GARCH Models in R: The MSGARCH Package sgmcmc: An R Package for Stochastic Gradient Markov Chain Monte Carlo stm: An R Package for Structural Topic Models dbscan: Fast Density-Based Clustering with R DClusterm: Model-Based Detection of Disease Clusters Flexible Regression Models for Count Data Based on Renewal Processes: The Countr Package Evaluating Probabilistic Forecasts with scoringRules Multivariate Locally Stationary Wavelet Analysis with the mvLSW R Package FrailtyEM: An R package for estimating semiparametric shared frailty models Efficient Code for Second Order Analysis of Events on a Linear Network Polychrome: Creating and assessing qualitative palettes with many colors Multiplecar: A graphical user interface matlab toolbox to compute multiple correspondence analysis Slfm: An R package to evaluate coherent patterns in microarray data via factor analysis Corr2d: Implementation of two-dimensional correlation analysis in R BsamGP: An R package for bayesian spectral analysis models using Gaussian process priors Datamaid: Your assistant for documenting supervised data quality screening in R Weighted distance-based models for ranking data using the R package rankdist Mean and variance modeling of under-dispersed and over-dispersed grouped binary data Simmer: Discrete-event simulation for R Randomized Matrix Decompositions Using R Model-Based Dose Escalation Designs in R with crmPack Bayesian, and Non-Bayesian, Cause-Specific Competing-Risk Analysis for Parametric and Nonparametric Survival Functions: The R Package CFC Oasisr: An R package to bring some order to the world of segregation measurement Wavelet-based and fourier-based multivariate whittle estimation: Multiwave Cgam: An R package for the constrained generalized additive model BDgraph: An R package for Bayesian structure learning in graphical models Directional statistics and filtering using libdirectional BFDA: A MATLAB toolbox for bayesian functional data analysis Gpareto: An r package for gaussian-process-based multi-objective optimization and analysis Distance sampling in R Ggenealogy: An R package for visualizing genealogical data Hyperspectral data analysis in R: The hsdar package Mixture Hidden Markov Models for Sequence Data: The seqHMM Package in R Coclust: A python package for co-clustering JASP: Graphical Statistical Software for Common Statistical Designs The R Package MAMS for Designing Multi-Arm Multi-Stage Clinical Trials Generalized Autoregressive Score Models in R: The GAS Package Data Analysis Using Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models with R cdfquantreg: An R Package for CDF-Quantile Regression dtwSat: Time-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping for Satellite Image Time Series Analysis in R ETAS: An R Package for Fitting the Space-Time ETAS Model to Earthquake Data Dynamic Modeling, Parameter Estimation, and Uncertainty Analysis in R