Group Reidentification with Multigrained Matching and Integration. Self-Adaptive Multiprototype-Based Competitive Learning Approach: A k-Means-Type Algorithm for Imbalanced Data Clustering. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics Table of contents Shared Linear Encoder-Based Multikernel Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model for Visual Classification. Output Synchronization of Complex Dynamical Networks With Multiple Output or Output Derivative Couplings. Dissipativity Analysis for T-S Fuzzy System Under Memory Sampled-Data Control. Member Get-A-Member (MGM) Program Introducing IEEE Collabratec TechRxiv: Share Your Preprint Research with the World! Table of contents IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics Introducing IEEE Collabratec TechRxiv: Share Your Preprint Research with the World! SiamATL: Online Update of Siamese Tracking Network via Attentional Transfer Learning. Semisupervised Affinity Matrix Learning via Dual-Channel Information Recovery. Membership Function Derivatives Transformation Approach for Stability Analysis and Stabilization Control of T-S Fuzzy Systems. Adaptive Bearing-Only Formation Tracking Control for Nonholonomic Multiagent Systems. Neural-Networks-Based Prescribed Tracking for Nonaffine Switched Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems. Tube-Based Output Feedback Robust MPC for LPV Systems With Scaled Terminal Constraint Sets. Frame-Correlation Transfers Trigger Economical Attacks on Deep Reinforcement Learning Policies. Dissipativity-Based Intermittent Fault Detection and Tolerant Control for Multiple Delayed Uncertain Switched Fuzzy Stochastic Systems With Unmeasurable Premise Variables. Global Finite-Time Stabilization for Uncertain Systems With Unknown Measurement Sensitivity. Synthesis With Guaranteed Cost and Less Human Intervention for Human-in-the-Loop Control Systems. Resilient Asynchronous State Estimation for Markovian Jump Neural Networks Subject to Stochastic Nonlinearities and Sensor Saturations. Vibration Control for Flexible Manipulators With Event-Triggering Mechanism and Actuator Failures. Efficient Coalition Structure Generation via Approximately Equivalent Induced Subgraph Games. Adaptive Coordination Ant Colony Optimization for Multipoint Dynamic Aggregation. Short-Time Wavelet Entropy Integrating Improved LSTM for Fault Diagnosis of Modular Multilevel Converter. Iterative Learning Control With Data-Driven-Based Compensation. Fast and Robust Attribute Reduction Based on the Separability in Fuzzy Decision Systems. Automatically Generating Natural Language Descriptions of Images by a Deep Hierarchical Framework. Adaptive-Critic Design for Decentralized Event-Triggered Control of Constrained Nonlinear Interconnected Systems Within an Identifier-Critic Framework. Neural System Identification With Spike-Triggered Non-Negative Matrix Factorization. Navigation of a Fuzzy-Controlled Wheeled Robot Through the Combination of Expert Knowledge and Data-Driven Multiobjective Evolutionary Learning. An Optimal Three-Dimensional Drone Layout Method for Maximum Signal Coverage and Minimum Interference in Complex Pipeline Networks. Daedalus: Breaking Nonmaximum Suppression in Object Detection via Adversarial Examples. A Discrete Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Multiobjective Disassembly Line Balancing of End-of-Life Products. CEQD: A Complex Mass Function to Predict Interference Effects. Dual-Representation-Based Autoencoder for Domain Adaptation. Output-Feedback Self-Synchronization of Directed Lur'e Networks via Global Connectivity. Learning and Near-Optimal Control of Underactuated Surface Vessels With Periodic Disturbances. Summarization With Self-Aware Context Selecting Mechanism. Distributed Cooperative Compound Tracking Control for a Platoon of Vehicles With Adaptive NN. Hierarchical Multiobjective Heuristic for PCB Assembly Optimization in a Beam-Head Surface Mounter. Delay Compensation-Based State Estimation for Time-Varying Complex Networks With Incomplete Observations and Dynamical Bias. How to Analyze the Neurodynamic Characteristics of Pulse-Coupled Neural Networks? A Theoretical Analysis and Case Study of Intersecting Cortical Model. Input-to-State Stability of Impulsive Systems via Event-Triggered Impulsive Control. Scalable Gaussian Process Classification With Additive Noise for Non-Gaussian Likelihoods. Impedance Variation and Learning Strategies in Human-Robot Interaction.