IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics Table of contents An Efficient Second-Order Algorithm for Self-Organizing Fuzzy Neural Networks DECAL: Decomposition-Based Coevolutionary Algorithm for Many-Objective Optimization Collision-Free Path Planning and Delivery Sequence Optimization in Noncoplanar Radiation Therapy Sparse Bayesian Learning-Based Kernel Poisson Regression Self-Organizing RBF Neural Network Using an Adaptive Gradient Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization Learning Stylometric Representations for Authorship Analysis Online Scale Adaptive Visual Tracking Based on Multilayer Convolutional Features Better Dense Trajectories by Motion in Videos A Dynamic Event-Triggered Transmission Scheme for Distributed Set-Membership Estimation Over Wireless Sensor Networks Evolutionary Multiobjective Blocking Lot-Streaming Flow Shop Scheduling With Machine Breakdowns An Improved Mixture of Probabilistic PCA for Nonlinear Data-Driven Process Monitoring Uncertainty Propagation in Fuzzy Grey Cognitive Maps With Hebbian-Like Learning Algorithms Constructive Neural Network Learning An Iterative Co-Saliency Framework for RGBD Images Locally Weighted Fusion of Structural and Attribute Information in Graph Clustering Fault Tolerant Sliding Mode Predictive Control for Uncertain Steer-by-Wire System Norm Discriminant Eigenspace Transform for Pattern Classification A Decomposition-Based Many-Objective Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Fuzzy Rule-Based Design of Evolutionary Algorithm for Optimization Design of a Wireless Control System With Unreliable Nodes and Communication Links Dynamic Cluster Formation Game for Attributed Graph Clustering Distributed Formation Control of Multiple Quadrotor Aircraft Based on Nonsmooth Consensus Algorithms Dynamic Coverage Control in a Time-Varying Environment Using Bayesian Prediction Introducing IEEE Collabratec Member Get-A-Member (MGM) Program Dissipativity-Based Control for Fuzzy Systems With Asynchronous Modes and Intermittent Measurements. Learning Dual Geometric Low-Rank Structure for Semisupervised Hyperspectral Image Classification. High-Performance Visual Tracking With Extreme Learning Machine Framework. Reinforcement Learning-Based Linear Quadratic Regulation of Continuous-Time Systems Using Dynamic Output Feedback. Approximation of Fuzzy Sets by Interval Type-2 Trapezoidal Fuzzy Sets. Reliable Filter Design of Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Switched Systems With Imprecise Modes. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics Table of contents IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. 2018 IndexIEEE Transactions on CyberneticsVol. 48 Guest Editorial From Intelligent Control to Smart Management of Cyber-Physical-Social Systems: A Celebration of 70th Anniversary of Cybernetics by Norbert Wiener Introducing IEEE Collabratec IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics Table of contents Exploring Web Images to Enhance Skin Disease Analysis Under A Computer Vision Framework Video Saliency Detection Using Object Proposals CNNs-Based RGB-D Saliency Detection via Cross-View Transfer and Multiview Fusion On the Definiteness of Earth Mover’s Distance and Its Relation to Set Intersection Optimal Robust Output Containment of Unknown Heterogeneous Multiagent System Using Off-Policy Reinforcement Learning Distributed Nash Equilibrium Seeking in Multiagent Games Under Switching Communication Topologies Real-Time Multimedia Social Event Detection in Microblog Estimating Graph Robustness Through the Randic Index