IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society Information IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics publication information Information For Authors IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society Information. Information For Authors. Active Suspension Control of Quarter-Car System With Experimental Validation Blockchain-Based Decentralized Replay Attack Detection for Large-Scale Power Systems Adaptive Perturbation Rejection Control for a Class of Converter Systems With Circuit Realization Model Predictive Fault-Tolerant Tracking Control for PDF Control Systems With Packet Losses Adaptive Output Feedback Compensation for a Class of Nonlinear Systems With Actuator and Sensor Failures Security-Based Resilient Robust Model Predictive Control for Polytopic Uncertain Systems Subject to Deception Attacks and RR Protocol Variable Petri Nets for Mobility Uniform Detectability-Aided Boundedness Analysis of Error Covariances of Kalman Filter for Time-Varying Systems Further Improvement for Admissibility Analysis of Singular Time-Delay Systems Event-Triggered Parity Space Approach to Fault Detection for Linear Discrete-Time Systems Event-Triggered Control of Discrete-Time Zero-Sum Games via Deterministic Policy Gradient Adaptive Dynamic Programming Neural Network-Based Finite-Time Distributed Formation-Containment Control of Two-Layer Quadrotor UAVs Mobile Crowdsourced Guiding and Finding With Precise Target Positioning Based on Internet-of-Things Localization MORStreaming: A Multioutput Regression System for Streaming Data Mission Aborting in n-Unit Systems With Work Sharing Semantic-Interactive Graph Convolutional Network for Multilabel Image Recognition Adaptive Swarm Control Within Saturated Input Based on Nonlinear Coupling Degree Optimal Temperature Rise Control for a Large-Scale Vertical Quench Furnace System Event-Based Fixed-Time Control for Interconnected Systems With Discontinuous Interactions Asymptotic Tracking and Dynamic Regulation of MIMO Nonaffine Nonlinear System With Actuator Saturation via Multidimensional Taylor Network Controller Finite-Time Secure Dynamic State Estimation for Cyber–Physical Systems Under Unknown Inputs and Sensor Attacks H∞ Composite Anti-Bump Switching Control for Switched Systems 6-Step Discrete ZNN Model for Repetitive Motion Control of Redundant Manipulator Controller-Dynamic-Linearization-Based Data-Driven ILC for Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems With RBFNN Unified Solution of Different-Kind Future Matrix Equations Using New Nine-Instant Discretization Formula and Zeroing Neural Dynamics Optimized Backstepping Tracking Control Using Reinforcement Learning for Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Multiobjective Deep Clustering and its Applications in Single-cell RNA-seq Data Broad Learning System Approximation-Based Adaptive Optimal Control for Unknown Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems TechRxiv: Share Your Preprint Research with the World! Introducing IEEE Collabratec Solution Analysis and Novel Admissibility Conditions of SFOSs: The 1 < α < 2 Case Discrete-Time-Distributed Adaptive ILC With Nonrepetitive Uncertainties and Applications to Building HVAC Systems Decentralized Randomized Block-Coordinate Frank–Wolfe Algorithms for Submodular Maximization Over Networks A Dynamic Proportional-Integral Observer-Based Nonlinear Fault-Tolerant Controller Design for Nonlinear System With Partially Unknown Dynamic Neural Dynamics for Computing Perturbed Nonlinear Equations Applied to ACP-Based Lower Limb Motion Intention Recognition TechRxiv: Share Your Preprint Research with the World! Introducing IEEE Collabratec IEEE Access IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics publication information. IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society Information. Information For Authors. Global Dissipativity Analysis and Stability Analysis for Fractional-Order Quaternion-Valued Neural Networks With Time Delays.