Cover 4 Front Cover Cover 3 Cover 2 Table of Contents Message from the Editor-in-Chief ComSoc Membership Scanning the Literature Enabling Efficient 5G NR and 4G LTE Coexistence Spectrum Policy and Regulatory Issues Guest Editorial LTE Ground-to-Air Field Measurements in the Context of Flying Relays Is 5G Ready for Drones: A Look into Contemporary and Prospective Wireless Networks from a Standardization Perspective Machine Learning for Wireless Connectivity and Security of Cellular-Connected UAVs Fundamental Trade-offs in Communication and Trajectory Design for UAV-Enabled Wireless Network UAV-Assisted Emergency Networks in Disasters UAV Communications Based on Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Research Challenges and Opportunities of UAV Millimeter-Wave Communications ComSoc Training Multiple Access MmWave Design for UAV-Aided 5G Communications Millimeter-Wave Propagation Modeling and Measurements for 5G Mobile Networks Narrowband IoT: A Survey on Downlink and Uplink Perspectives Vehicular Fog Computing: Enabling Real-Time Traffic Management for Smart Cities Toward Future Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Networks: Architecture, Resource Allocation and Field Experiments Toward Hardware-Rooted Smartphone Authentication A Hardware-Efficient Hybrid Beamforming Solution for mmWave MIMO Systems Propagation Channels for mmWave Vehicular Communications: State-of-the-art and Future Research Directions Cover 4 Front Cover Cover 2 Cover 3 Table of Contents Scanning the Literature Deploying the First PSTN-Based IoT Mechanism Spectrum Policy for Radio Technology Experiments Security and Privacy in Wireless IoT Blockchain-Based Solutions to Security and Privacy Issues in the Internet of Things Active Learning for Wireless IoT Intrusion Detection Hybrid-Augmented Device Fingerprinting for Intrusion Detection in Industrial Control System Networks A Castle of Glass: Leaky IoT Appliances in Modern Smart Homes Covert Timing Channels for IoT over Mobile Networks Join Our Community Covert Wireless Communications in IoT Systems: Hiding Information in Interference Securing Consumer IoT in the Smart Home: Architecture, Challenges, and Countermeasures Privacy-Preserving Authentication in Wireless IoT: Applications, Approaches, and Challenges Distributed Data Privacy Preservation in IoT Applications Proactive Cache-Based Location Privacy Preserving for Vehicle Networks KCLP: A k-Means Cluster-Based Location Privacy Protection Scheme in WSNs for IoT Privacy of Things: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities in Wireless Internet of Things Privacy-Preserving Tensor Analysis and Processing Models for Wireless Internet of Things