Cover 3 Cover 4 Front Cover Cover 2 Table of Contents Wireless Communications in the New Decade 5G Evolution: What's Next? Masthead Guest Editorial: Full Duplex Communications Theory, Standardization, and Practice Analog Least Mean Square Adaptive Filtering for Self-Interference Cancellation in Full Duplex Radios Call for Papers Integrated Linear and Nonlinear Digital Cancellation for Full Duplex Communication Adaptive Beamforming for Multi-Function In-Band Full-Duplex Applications Millimeter-Wave Full Duplex Radios: New Challenges and Techniques Full Duplex and Dynamic TDD: Pushing the Limits of Spectrum Reuse in Multi-Cell Communications Interference Handling Challenges toward Full Duplex Evolution in 5G and Beyond Cellular Networks Design of Full Duplex Millimeter-Wave Integrated Access and Backhaul Networks When Buffer-Aided Relaying Meets Full Duplex and NOMA Toward URLLC: A Full Duplex Relay System with Self-Interference Utilization or Cancellation Full Duplex Radio/Radar Technology: The Enabler for Advanced Joint Communication and Sensing Call for Papers Ultimate Capacity Analysis of Orbital Angular Momentum Channels Pilot-Based Physical-Layer Authentication with High Covertness Energy Self-Sustainability in Full-Spectrum 6G Artificial Intelligence Aided Next-Generation Networks Relying on UAVs Mobile Communications Beyond 52.6 GHz: Waveforms, Numerology, and Phase Noise Challenge Measurement-Based Coexistence Studies of LAA & Wi-Fi Deployments in Chicago Energy Efficient 100+ GHz Transceivers Enabling Beyond-5G Wireless Communications Computational Models of Human Decision-Making with Application to the Internet of Everything Usage of Network Simulators in Machine-Learning-Assisted 5G/6G Networks Aerial-Ground Interference Mitigation for Cellular-Connected UAV Scanning the Literature [Front cover] [Back cover] [IEEE Access Advertisement] [Back inside cover] Table of contents Integrated Terrestrial-Satellite Communication Networks and Services Scanning the Literature Masthead Sharing Government Spectrum: Some Technical Alternatives Call for Papers World Forum IoT Guest Editorial: Service-Oriented Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks Challenges and Solutions for the Satellite Tracking, Telemetry, and Command System Membership Feeder Communication for Integrated Networks Antenna Array Calibration for IIoT Oriented Satellites: From Orthogonal CDMA to NOMA Relay-Aided Random Access in Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks Coded Storage-and-Computation: A New Paradigm to Enhancing Intelligent Services in Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks