Cover 3 Cover 2 Front Cover Cover 4 Table of Contents Masthead/Call for Papers Comsoc Publications Scanning the Literature Learning-Based Low-Latency VIoT Video Streaming Against Jamming and Interference Heterogeneous Multiview Crowdsensing Based on Half Quadratic Optimization for the Visual Internet of Things NOMA-Assisted Multi-MEC Offloading for IoVT Networks Intelligent Visual-IoT-Enabled Real-Time 3D Visualization for Autonomous Crowd Management 4C: A Computation, Communication, and Control Co-Design Framework for CAVs Edge Intelligence for Object Detection in Blockchain-Based Internet of Vehicles: Convergence of Symbolic and Connectionist AI Guest Editorial: Massive Machine-Type Communications for IoT Over-the-Air Computing for Wireless Data Aggregation in Massive IoT Deep-Learning-Enhanced NOMA Transceiver Design for Massive MTC: Challenges, State of the Art, and Future Directions Massive Machine-Type Communication and Satellite Integration for Remote Areas Machine Learning for Massive Industrial Internet of Things Single-RF MIMO: From Spatial Modulation to Metasurface-Based Modulation A Vision of Self-Evolving Network Management for Future Intelligent Vertical HetNet Wireless Channel Sparsity: Measurement, Analysis, and Exploitation in Estimation A Vision on 6G-Enabled NIB: Requirements, Technologies, Deployments, and Prospects Extensive Edge Intelligence for Future Vehicular Networks in 6G Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence for Dynamic Resource Sharing in 6G and Beyond Spectrum Allocation for Task-Driven UAV Communication Networks Exploiting Game Theory Hybrid Beamforming for Terahertz Wireless Communications: Challenges, Architectures, and Open Problems Front Cover. IEEE Access [Advertisement]. What + If = IEEE {advertisement]. [Back cover]. Table of Contents. The Future of e-Health and Wireless Technologies. The Future of eHealth: Applications, Solutions, and New Visions in the IoT Era. Edge Intelligence for Empowering IoT-Based Healthcare Systems Internet of UAVs Based Remote Health Monitoring: An Online eHealth System. Two Ways for Early Detection of a Stroke Through a Wearable Smart Helmet: Signal Processing vs. Electromagnetism Non-Invasive Wearable Optical Sensors for Full Gait Analysis in E-Health Architecture A Deep Segmentation Network of Stent Structs Based on IoT for Interventional Cardiovascular Diagnosis 5G and Beyond Technology-Enabled Remote Health. Undisturbed Mental State Assessment in the 5G Era: A Case Study of Depression Detection Based on Facial Expressions Deep-Learning-Empowered Breast Cancer Auxiliary Diagnosis for 5GB Remote E-Health Integrated 3C in NOMA-Enabled Remote-E-Health Systems Comsoc Membership. An Optical Communication Approach for Ultra-High-Speed Train Running in Evacuated Tube: Potentials and Challenges. Security and Privacy for Mobile Edge Caching: Challenges and Solutions Toward Environment-Aware 6G Communications via Channel Knowledge Map Cascaded WLAN-FWA Networking and Computing Architecture for Pervasive In-Home Healthcare Will OFDMA Improve the Performance of 802.11 Wifi Networks? Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Future Wireless Networks: A Channel Modeling Perspective.