[Front cover] [Back cover] [IEEE Access Advertisement] [Back inside cover] Table of contents Integrated Terrestrial-Satellite Communication Networks and Services Scanning the Literature Masthead Sharing Government Spectrum: Some Technical Alternatives Call for Papers World Forum IoT Guest Editorial: Service-Oriented Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks Challenges and Solutions for the Satellite Tracking, Telemetry, and Command System Membership Feeder Communication for Integrated Networks Antenna Array Calibration for IIoT Oriented Satellites: From Orthogonal CDMA to NOMA Relay-Aided Random Access in Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks Coded Storage-and-Computation: A New Paradigm to Enhancing Intelligent Services in Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks Resource Management in Space-Air-Ground Integrated Vehicular Networks: SDN Control and AI Algorithm Design Passive Maritime Surveillance Based on Low Earth Orbit Satellite Constellations Virtualized and Micro Services Provisioning in Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks Toward Secure and Lightweight Access Authentication in SAGINs Collaborative Blockchain for Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks High Speed Train Communications in 5G: Design Elements to Mitigate the Impact of Very High Mobility Call for Papers Automatic Network Slicing for IoT in Smart City Enabling 5G on the Ocean: A Hybrid Satellite-UAV-Terrestrial Network Solution Surveillance Plane Aided Air-Ground Integrated Vehicular Networks: Architectures, Applications, and Potential Millimeter Wave Wireless Hadamard Image Transmission for MIMO Enabled 5G and Beyond High Voltage Discharge Exhibits Severe Effect on ZigBee-Based Device in Solar Insecticidal Lamps Internet of Things Intelligent Reflecting Surface Placement Optimization in Air-Ground Communication Networks Toward 6G Integrated 5G-Satellite Networks: A Perspective on Physical Layer Reliability and Security Blockchain Radio Access Network Beyond 5G Front Cover. Cover 2. Cover 3. Cover 4. Table of Contents. Spectrum Efficiency and Energy Efficiency in Wireless Communication Networks. Scanning the Literature. IEEE Wireless Communications masthead. Book Reviews. Spectrum and Energy Efficient Wireless Communications. Spectrum Prediction for Supporting IoT Applications over 5G. An AI-Based Incumbent Protection System for Collaborative Intelligent Radio Networks. What Role Do Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces Play in Multi-Antenna Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access? Spectrum Allocation Scheme for Intelligent Partition Based on Machine Learning for Inter-WBAN Interference. Energy-Efficient Beam Management in Millimeter-Wave Shared Spectrum. Suspended Graphene Hydroacoustic Sensor for Broadband Underwater Wireless Communications. Enabling Technologies for Spectrum and Energy Efficient NOMA-MmWave-MaMIMO Systems.