A survey of recommender systems for energy efficiency in buildings: Principles, challenges and prospects DMRFNet: Deep Multimodal Reasoning and Fusion for Visual Question Answering and explanation generation A fusion method for multi-valued data Performance assessment of a system for reasoning under uncertainty Towards multi-modal causability with Graph Neural Networks enabling information fusion for explainable AI Two-stage stochastic minimum cost consensus models with asymmetric adjustment costs Information fusion for affective computing and sentiment analysis ANFIS fusion algorithm for eye movement recognition via soft multi-functional electronic skin A selection framework of sensor combination feature subset for human motion phase segmentation Linear uncertain extensions of the minimum cost consensus model based on uncertain distance and consensus utility An integrated framework of learning and evidential reasoning for user profiling using short texts DeepOption: A novel option pricing framework based on deep learning with fused distilled data from multiple parametric methods Enhancing the security of blockchain-based software defined networking through trust-based traffic fusion and filtration A spatial-channel progressive fusion ResNet for remote sensing classification Multi-body sensor data fusion to evaluate the hippotherapy for motor ability improvement in children with cerebral palsy Multilevel projections with adaptive neighbor graph for unsupervised multi-view feature selection Multi-source information fusion and deep-learning-based characteristics measurement for exploring the effects of peer engagement on stock price synchronicity Online-review analysis based large-scale group decision-making for determining passenger demands and evaluating passenger satisfaction: Case study of high-speed rail system in China Recent advances and new guidelines on hyperspectral and multispectral image fusion A review of Hidden Markov models and Recurrent Neural Networks for event detection and localization in biomedical signals Variational multimodal machine translation with underlying semantic alignment Adaptive ensemble of classifiers with regularization for imbalanced data classification Reciprocal Recommender Systems: Analysis of state-of-art literature, challenges and opportunities towards social recommendation RXDNFuse: A aggregated residual dense network for infrared and visible image fusion Managing noncooperative behaviors in large-scale group decision-making with linguistic preference orderings: The application in Internet Venture Capital Consistency and consensus improvement models driven by a personalized normalization method with probabilistic linguistic preference relations SDMP: A secure detector for epidemic disease file based on DNN Relaxed multi-view clustering in latent embedding space Sentiment Analysis based Multi-Person Multi-criteria Decision Making methodology using natural language processing and deep learning for smarter decision aid. Case study of restaurant choice using TripAdvisor reviews Sugeno integral generalization applied to improve adaptive image binarization End-to-end multimodal affect recognition in real-world environments Tensor-based restricted kernel machines for multi-view classification 40 years of sensor fusion for orientation tracking via magnetic and inertial measurement units: Methods, lessons learned, and future challenges Multi-source information fusion based on rough set theory: A review Multimodal deep generative adversarial models for scalable doubly semi-supervised learning COVID-19 classification by CCSHNet with deep fusion using transfer learning and discriminant correlation analysis Multi-view Incremental Discriminant Analysis Point-cloud based 3D object detection and classification methods for self-driving applications: A survey and taxonomy On the origin of the methodology for the scalable fusion of affective channels in a continuous emotional space and the “emotional kinematics” filtering technique - A correction Bridging deep and multiple kernel learning: A review KM[formula omitted]: Visual reasoning via Knowledge Embedding Memory Model with Mutual Modulation A novel approach to stance detection in social media tweets by fusing ranked lists and sentiments Survey and challenges of story generation models - A multimodal perspective with five steps: Data embedding, topic modeling, storyline generation, draft story generation, and story evaluation Smart anomaly detection in sensor systems: A multi-perspective review A maximum self-esteem degree based feedback mechanism for group consensus reaching with the distributed linguistic trust propagation in social network Image retrieval from remote sensing big data: A survey Relationship between tau, neuroinflammation and atrophy in Alzheimer's disease: The NIMROD study Managing transitivity and consistency of preferences in AHP group decision making based on minimum modifications Memory based fusion for multi-modal deep learning DiCyc: GAN-based deformation invariant cross-domain information fusion for medical image synthesis