A conflict evidence fusion method based on the composite discount factor and the game theory Multi-level feature fusion for multimodal human activity recognition in Internet of Healthcare Things BCINet: Bilateral cross-modal interaction network for indoor scene understanding in RGB-D images Human-centered neural reasoning for subjective content processing: Hate speech, emotions, and humor Large-scale group consensus hybrid strategies with three-dimensional clustering optimisation based on normal cloud models Local minimum adjustment for the consensus model with distribution linguistic preference relations considering preference reliability Lattice curved surface array based collaborative fusion for intelligent diagnosis Coupled adversarial learning for fusion classification of hyperspectral and LiDAR data Multi-objective programming consensus model based on evolutionary game analysis in group decision making TRIMOON: Two-Round Inconsistency-based Multi-modal fusion Network for fake news detection A Novel Degraded Document Binarization Model through Vision Transformer Network A perceptual framework for infrared–visible image fusion based on multiscale structure decomposition and biological vision A multi-source information fusion model for outlier detection An evidential combination method with multi-color spaces for remote sensing image scene classification Panchromatic and multispectral image fusion for remote sensing and earth observation: Concepts, taxonomy, literature review, evaluation methodologies and challenges ahead Missing data reconstruction in attitude for quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle based on deep regression model with different sensor failures Ensemble diverse hypotheses and knowledge distillation for unsupervised cross-subject adaptation Cross-modal text and visual generation: A systematic review. Part 1: Image to text A bargaining game based feedback mechanism to support consensus in dynamic social network group decision making Learning invariant and uniformly distributed feature space for multi-view generation An ELICIT information-based ORESTE method for failure mode and effect analysis considering risk correlation with GRA-DEMATEL Knowledge representation and reasoning using interconnected uncertain rules for describing workflows in complex systems A mutually boosting dual sensor computational camera for high quality dark videography A mathematical programming method based on prospect theory for online physician selection under an R-set environment Editorial Board Multi-level multi-type self-generated knowledge fusion for cardiac ultrasound segmentation Information loss challenges in surgical navigation systems: From information fusion to AI-based approaches AOBERT: All-modalities-in-One BERT for multimodal sentiment analysis Dual-grained human mobility learning for location-aware trip recommendation with spatial–temporal graph knowledge fusion Fusion of colour contrasted images for early detection of oesophageal squamous cell dysplasia from endoscopic videos in real time MUFusion: A general unsupervised image fusion network based on memory unit Hybrid deep learning models for traffic prediction in large-scale road networks ZMFF: Zero-shot multi-focus image fusion Beyond explaining: Opportunities and challenges of XAI-based model improvement LRINet: Long-range imaging using multispectral fusion of RGB and NIR images Emotion fusion for mental illness detection from social media: A survey Improving aspect-based sentiment analysis with Knowledge-aware Dependency Graph Network ExtendedSketch+: Super host identification and network host trust evaluation with memory efficiency and high accuracy Fusion of tactile and visual information in deep learning models for object recognition Information fusion via symbolic regression: A tutorial in the context of human health AT-GAN: A generative adversarial network with attention and transition for infrared and visible image fusion Prediction of Alzheimer's progression based on multimodal Deep-Learning-based fusion and visual Explainability of time-series data SAIRUS: Spatially-aware identification of risky users in social networks Pixel and region level information fusion in membership regularized fuzzy clustering for image segmentation UPanGAN: Unsupervised pansharpening based on the spectral and spatial loss constrained Generative Adversarial Network Human activity recognition based on multienvironment sensor data Deep multi-view multiclass twin support vector machines Deep learning for anomaly detection in multivariate time series: Approaches, applications, and challenges P2Sharpen: A progressive pansharpening network with deep spectral transformation VQF: Highly accurate IMU orientation estimation with bias estimation and magnetic disturbance rejection