Acknowledgment of Ad Hoc Reviewers. Successfully Proposing and Composing Review Papers. Corrigendum to "Industry Clusters and Organizational Prototypes: Evidence from the Franconian Brewing Industry". Seeing the Big Picture: A Within-Person Examination of Leader Construal Level and Vision Communication. Am I Expected to Be Ethical? A Role-Definition Perspective of Ethical Leadership and Unethical Behavior. The Role of Affect in Shaping the Behavioral Consequences of CEO Option Incentives. Failing to Be Family-Supportive: Implications for Supervisors. Trickle-Down, Trickle-Out, Trickle-Up, Trickle-In, and Trickle-Around Effects: An Integrative Perspective on Indirect Social Influence Phenomena. It's Not Personal: A Review and Theoretical Integration of Research on Vicarious Workplace Mistreatment. Issues and Trends in Causal Ambiguity Research: A Review and Assessment. The Shame of It All: A Review of Shame in Organizational Life. Why Abusive Supervision Impacts Employee OCB and CWB: A Meta-Analytic Review of Competing Mediating Mechanisms. A Systematic Review of Human Resource Management Systems and Their Measurement. Board Independence and Corporate Misconduct: A Cross-National Meta-Analysis. Scale Adaptation in Organizational Science Research: A Review and Best-Practice Recommendations. Investor Response to Workforce Downsizing: The Influence of Industry Waves, Macroeconomic Outlook, and Firm Performance. In the Aftermath of Unfair Events: Understanding the Differential Effects of Anxiety and Anger. In the Eye of the Beholder: Global Analysts' Coverage of Family Firms in an Emerging Market. Referral Hire Presence Implications for Referrer Turnover and Job Performance. Greasing the Wheels of Change: Bribery, Institutions, and New Product Introductions in Emerging Markets. Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Ambivalence and Task Performance: The Cross-Domain Buffering Role of Social Support. Top Executive Goal Orientations' Effects on Environmental Scanning and Performance: Differences Between Founders and Nonfounders. The Development and Validation of a Cross-Industry Safety Climate Measure: Resolving Conceptual and Operational Issues. Unveiling the Microfoundations of Absorptive Capacity: A Study of Coleman's Bathtub Model. Know Thy Enemy: A Review and Agenda for Research on Competitor Identification. How Understanding-Based Redesign Influences the Pattern of Actions and Effectiveness of Routines. Fake It to Make It? Emotional Labor Reduces the Racial Disparity in Service Performance Judgments. Postacquisition Boundary Spanning: A Relational Perspective on Integration. Home Country Institutions Behind Cross-Border Acquisition Performance. Early Career Developmental Networks and Professionals' Knowledge Creation. CEO Narcissism, Risk-Taking, and Resilience: An Empirical Analysis in U.S. Commercial Banks. Shedding Light on Leaders' Self-Interest: Theory and Measurement of Exploitative Leadership. Bouncing Back: Building Resilience Through Social and Environmental Practices in the Context of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. How Do I-Deals Influence Client Satisfaction? The Role of Exhaustion, Collective Commitment, and Age Diversity. Unfinished Business: Nested Acquisitions, Managerial Capacity, and Firm Performance. Switching Hats: The Effect of Role Transition on Individual Ambidexterity. A Liability of Breadth? The Conflicting Influences of Experiential Breadth on Perceptions of Founding Teams. What's Past (and Present) Is Prologue: Interactions Between Justice Levels and Trajectories Predicting Behavioral Reciprocity. The Influence of Technological Links, Social Ties, and Incumbent Firm Opportunistic Propensity on the Formation of Corporate Venture Capital Deals. What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger: How Teams Rebound From Early-Stage Relationship Conflict. The Dynamics of Advice Giving by Venture Capital Firms: Antecedents of Managerial Cognitive Effort. Conveyed Leader PsyCap Predicting Leader Effectiveness Through Positive Energizing. CEO Risk-Taking and Socioemotional Wealth: The Behavioral Agency Model, Family Control, and CEO Option Wealth. Network Structure, Collaborative Context, and Individual Creativity. Corrigendum. A New Perspective on Method Variance: A Measure-Centric Approach. Periphery, Overlap, and Subunit Exit in Multiunit Firms: A Subunit Power Perspective. High-Performance Work Practices and Organizational Creativity During Organizational Change: A Collective Learning Perspective. Set Up to Fail: Explaining When Women-Led Businesses Are More Likely to Fail. Unspoken yet Understood: An Introduction and Initial Framework of Subordinates' Moqi With Supervisors.