Introduction to IRSEP special issue: research review methodologies in sport and exercise psychology. Systematic review methods. Complex interventions. Critical appraisal. Umbrella reviews (systematic review of reviews). Scoping reviews and rapid reviews. Meta-analysis. Handling effect size dependency in meta-analysis. Citation network analysis. Grounded theory. Meta-Study. Realist review. Meta-ethnography. The relationship between self-talk and affective processes in sports: a scoping review Youth sport dropout according to the Process-Person-Context-Time model: a systematic review Autonomy support in sport and exercise settings: a systematic review and meta-analysis Psychological safety in sport: a systematic review and concept analysis Grounded theory Meta-analyzing enhanced expectancies on motor learning: positive effects but methodological concerns Resilience in sports: a multidisciplinary, dynamic, and personalized perspective Norms in sport: a scoping review A meta-analysis on immediate effects of attentional focus on motor tasks performance Conceptualizing and measuring positive youth development in sport: a scoping review Psychological readiness to return to sport following injury: a state-of-the-art review A scoping review of heart rate variability in sport and exercise psychology The mental health of student-athletes: a systematic scoping review A systematic scoping review of athlete mental health within competitive sport: interventions, recommendations, and policy Anonymous vs. non-anonymous administration of depression scales in elite athletes: a meta-analysis What do we know about the sporting experiences of gender and sexual minority athletes and coaches? A scoping review. Challenging our understanding of youth sport specialization: an examination and critique of the literature through the lens of Bronfenbrenner's Person-Process-Context-Time Model. Psychological factors involved in adherence to sport injury rehabilitation: a systematic review. Neural basis of attentional focus during endurance exercise. Clutch performance in sport and exercise: a systematic review. Does self-paced exercise depend on executive processing? A narrative review of the current evidence. Variance in the valenced response during moderate-to-vigorous physical activity: a review of cognitive and contextual mechanisms. The effects of imagery interventions in sports: a meta-analysis. The referee's challenge: a threshold process model for decision making in sport games. Extraversion in sport: a scoping review. The Electronically Activated Recorder (EAR): a novel approach for examining social environments in youth sport. Psychosocial functioning of Olympic coaches and its perceived effect on athlete performance: a systematic review. A systematic review of motivational and attentional variables on children's fundamental movement skill development: the OPTIMAL theory. Critical appraisal Umbrella reviews (systematic review of reviews) Effects of chronic physical activity on cognition across the lifespan: a systematic meta-review of randomized controlled trials and realist synthesis of contextualized mechanisms A systematic review and meta-analysis of the relationship between flow states and performance Meta-Study A systematic review of flow interventions in sport and exercise Understanding the effects of cognitive tasks on physical performance: a constraints framework to guide further research Physical activity capability, opportunity, motivation and behavior in youth settings: theoretical framework to guide physical activity leader interventions Coaching the development and transfer of life skills: a scoping review of facilitative coaching practices in youth sports