Corrigendum to "More Bang for Their Buck: Why (and When) Family Firms Better Leverage Corporate Social Responsibility". Green by Affiliation? Ownership Identity and Environmental Management System Adoption in Chinese Business Groups A Tale of Two Types of Standard Setting: Evidence From Artificial Intelligence in China Strategy by Doing and Product-Market Performance: A Contingency View Disability Severity, Professional Isolation Perceptions, and Career Outcomes: When Does Leader–Member Exchange Quality Matter? Not Always Helpful: Linking Intrateam Helping Types to Team Effectiveness From a Role Theory Perspective The Role of Language in Organizational Sensemaking: An Integrative Theoretical Framework and an Agenda for Future Research Now It Makes More Sense: How Narratives Can Help Atypical Actors Increase Market Appeal Shareholder Politics: The Influence of Investors’ Political Affiliations on Corporate Social Responsibility Partnering for Grand Challenges: A Review of Organizational Design Considerations in Public–Private Collaborations Not Like the Rest of Us? How CEO Celebrity Affects Quarterly Earnings Call Language Cleansing or Licensing? Corporate Social Responsibility Reconciles the Competing Effects of Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior on Moral Self-Regulation Better Safe Than Sorry: CEO Regulatory Focus and Workplace Safety Coworker Injustices and Their Delegated Authority: Developing an Indirect Actor Model of Supervisor Justice The Presenter's Paradox: More Is Not Always Better Relieving the Pressure: Team Familiarity Attenuates External Conformity Pressure on Team Member Decisions The Construct of Bottom-Line Mentality: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going Strengthening the Theoretical Perspective on Action in Routines Research With the Analytical Philosophy of Agency Contextual Inequality in the Performance Costs of Financial Precarity Employee Incentives and Family Firm Innovation: A Configurational Approach Hitting the “Grass Ceiling”: Golfing CEOs, Exclusionary Schema, and Career Outcomes for Female Executives A Socio-Cognitive Explanation of Organizational Grouping Decisions: Multidivisional Firms and the Formation of Their Divisions Closing the Revolving Door: What if Board Political Connections Are Permanently Broken? Reinforcing Political Inequality Through Diversity Initiatives: A Field-Level Perspective Event Space and Firm Value: Chinese Listed Firms in the US–China Trade War Loaded Down From Speaking Up: A Resource-Based Examination of Voicer Regret Following Supervisor Delegation The Regulation of Religion by Secular Work Practice: Exploring Muslim Employees’ Performance of Religious Practice The Effect of Incoming Board Interlocks With Public Firms on Private Firms’ Survival: Large-Scale Evidence From India The Lean Startup as an Actionable Theory of Entrepreneurship Event-Oriented Organizational Behavior Research: A Multilevel Review and Agenda for Future Research Rising Every Time We Fall: Organizational Fortitude and Response to Adversities Strategic Leaders and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Meta-Analytic Review The Social Context of Mistreatment: An Integrative Review Outshined by Creative Stars: A Dual-Pathway Model of Leader Reactions to Employees’ Reputation for Creativity Arranging Golden Goodbyes for Executive Exits: A Review and Agenda for Severance Pay Upper Echelon Employment: A Review of the Fundamental Questions Related to the Executive Labor Market From Natural to Novel: The Cognition-Broadening Effects of Contact With Nature at Work on Creativity What Do Investors Value? A Multidisciplinary Review Behavioral Agency Model and Corporate Social Irresponsibility: Uncovering the Implication of Fairness in CEO Compensation Family Firms, M&A Strategies, and M&A Performance: A Meta-Analysis Effects of Entrepreneurial Orientation Within Organizations: The Role of Passion for Inventing and Organizational Identification Using Old Data: When Is It Appropriate? The Vulnerable Workforce: A Call for Research Women Directors and Board Dynamics: Qualitative Insights from the Boardroom The Effects of Language-Related Misunderstanding at Work Stereotypical Perception in Management: A Review and Expansion of Role Congruity Theory Family-Controlled Business Groups: An In-Depth Review and a Microfoundations-Based Research Agenda How Culture Shapes the Influence of Work Design Characteristics: A Narrative and Meta-Analytic Review Stronger Together: A Call for Gender-Inclusive Leadership in Business Schools How Identity Impacts Bystander Responses to Workplace Mistreatment