Folk Theories of Artifact Creation: How Intuitions About Human Labor Influence the Value of Artifacts Implicit? What Do You Mean? A Comprehensive Review of the Delusive Implicitness Construct in Attitude Research Victims, Vignettes, and Videos: Meta-Analytic and Experimental Evidence That Emotional Impact Enhances the Derogation of Innocent Victims Beyond Allyship: Motivations for Advantaged Group Members to Engage in Action for Disadvantaged Groups Introducing the Sociopolitical Motive × Intergroup Threat Model to Understand How Monoracial Perceivers’ Sociopolitical Motives Influence Their Categorization of Multiracial People Does Self-Esteem Have an Interpersonal Imprint Beyond Self-Reports? A Meta-Analysis of Self-Esteem and Objective Interpersonal Indicators. The Psychology of Morality: A Review and Analysis of Empirical Studies Published From 1940 Through 2017 Implications for Reward Processing in Differential Responses to Loss: Impacts on Attachment Hierarchy Reorganization Ecologizing Social Psychology: The Physical Environment as a Necessary Constituent of Social Processes Are Collectivistic Cultures More Prone to Rapid Transformation? Computational Models of Cross-Cultural Differences, Social Network Structure, Dynamic Social Influence, and Cultural Change The Stability and Change of Loneliness Across the Life Span: A Meta-Analysis of Longitudinal Studies Intragroup Emotion Convergence: Beyond Contagion and Social Appraisal Social Psychological Theory as History: Outlining the Critical-Historical Approach to Theory The Relationship Problem Solving (RePS) Model: How Partners Influence One Another to Resolve Relationship Problems Is Empathy the Default Response to Suffering? A Meta-Analytic Evaluation of Perspective Taking’s Effect on Empathic Concern He is a Stud, She is a Slut! A Meta-Analysis on the Continued Existence of Sexual Double Standards Effects of Weapons on Aggressive Thoughts, Angry Feelings, Hostile Appraisals, and Aggressive Behavior: A Meta-Analytic Review of the Weapons Effect Literature. Sequential Stereotype Priming: A Meta-Analysis. The Psychology of Rituals: An Integrative Review and Process-Based Framework. The Narcissism Spectrum Model: A Synthetic View of Narcissistic Personality. The Theory of Dyadic Morality: Reinventing Moral Judgment by Redefining Harm. Revising Working Models Across Time: Relationship Situations That Enhance Attachment Security. Editorial. The Fragile Spell of Desire: A Functional Perspective on Changes in Sexual Desire Across Relationship Development. The Happy Culture: A Theoretical, Meta-Analytic, and Empirical Review of the Relationship Between Culture and Wealth and Subjective Well-Being. Communal Coping and Adjustment to Chronic Illness: Theory Update and Evidence. Bad is Stronger Than Good for Stigmatized, but Not Admired Outgroups: Meta-Analytical Tests of Intergroup Valence Asymmetry in Individual-to-Group Generalization Experiments The Role of Close Relationships in Terror Management: A Systematic Review and Research Agenda Self-Enhancement and Psychological Adjustment: A Meta-Analytic Review Associative Attitude Learning: A Closer Look at Evidence and How It Relates to Attitude Models Is Ego Depletion Real? An Analysis of Arguments The Relationships of Intergroup Ideologies to Ethnic Prejudice: A Meta-Analysis Toward a Research Agenda for the Study of Situation Perceptions: A Variance Componential Framework The Extended Contact Hypothesis: A Meta-Analysis on 20 Years of Research Using Machine Learning to Advance Personality Assessment and Theory Is Man the Measure of All Things? 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Functional Interdependence Theory: An Evolutionary Account of Social Situations. Habit in Personality and Social Psychology. Beyond Dominance and Competence: A Moral Virtue Theory of Status Attainment. Affectionate Touch to Promote Relational, Psychological, and Physical Well-Being in Adulthood: A Theoretical Model and Review of the Research. Processes of Personality Development in Adulthood: The TESSERA Framework. Resolving the Meat-Paradox: A Motivational Account of Morally Troublesome Behavior and Its Maintenance.