Couple Simulation: A Novel Approach for Evaluating Models of Human Mate Choice. Undermining Your Case to Enhance Your Impact: A Framework for Understanding the Effects of Acts of Receptiveness in Persuasion. Attention Drifting In and Out: The Boredom Feedback Model. In Search of the Cognitively Complex Person: Is There a Meaningful Trait Component of Cognitive Complexity? Moving Beyond Two Goals: An Integrative Review and Framework for the Study of Multiple Goals. Evaluating Belief System Networks as a Theory of Political Belief System Dynamics. Can Expressing Positivity Elicit Support for Negative Events? A Process Model and Review. What Makes Things Funny? An Integrative Review of the Antecedents of Laughter and Amusement. Loosening the GRIP (Gender Roles Inhibiting Prosociality) to Promote Gender Equality. Relating to breathing systems We're Not That Choosy: Emerging Evidence of a Progression Bias in Romantic Relationships How Do Values Affect Behavior? Let Me Count the Ways Downstream Consequences of Post-Transgression Responses: A Motive-Attribution Framework Folk Theories of Artifact Creation: How Intuitions About Human Labor Influence the Value of Artifacts Implicit? What Do You Mean? A Comprehensive Review of the Delusive Implicitness Construct in Attitude Research Victims, Vignettes, and Videos: Meta-Analytic and Experimental Evidence That Emotional Impact Enhances the Derogation of Innocent Victims Beyond Allyship: Motivations for Advantaged Group Members to Engage in Action for Disadvantaged Groups Introducing the Sociopolitical Motive × Intergroup Threat Model to Understand How Monoracial Perceivers’ Sociopolitical Motives Influence Their Categorization of Multiracial People A Cultural Psychological Model of Cross-National Variation in Gender Gaps in STEM Participation A Validity-Based Framework for Understanding Replication in Psychology Does Self-Esteem Have an Interpersonal Imprint Beyond Self-Reports? A Meta-Analysis of Self-Esteem and Objective Interpersonal Indicators. The Psychology of Morality: A Review and Analysis of Empirical Studies Published From 1940 Through 2017 Implications for Reward Processing in Differential Responses to Loss: Impacts on Attachment Hierarchy Reorganization Ecologizing Social Psychology: The Physical Environment as a Necessary Constituent of Social Processes Are Collectivistic Cultures More Prone to Rapid Transformation? Computational Models of Cross-Cultural Differences, Social Network Structure, Dynamic Social Influence, and Cultural Change The Stability and Change of Loneliness Across the Life Span: A Meta-Analysis of Longitudinal Studies Intragroup Emotion Convergence: Beyond Contagion and Social Appraisal Social Psychological Theory as History: Outlining the Critical-Historical Approach to Theory The Relationship Problem Solving (RePS) Model: How Partners Influence One Another to Resolve Relationship Problems Is Empathy the Default Response to Suffering? A Meta-Analytic Evaluation of Perspective Taking’s Effect on Empathic Concern He is a Stud, She is a Slut! A Meta-Analysis on the Continued Existence of Sexual Double Standards Using Machine Learning to Advance Personality Assessment and Theory Effects of Weapons on Aggressive Thoughts, Angry Feelings, Hostile Appraisals, and Aggressive Behavior: A Meta-Analytic Review of the Weapons Effect Literature. Sequential Stereotype Priming: A Meta-Analysis. The Psychology of Rituals: An Integrative Review and Process-Based Framework. The Narcissism Spectrum Model: A Synthetic View of Narcissistic Personality. The Theory of Dyadic Morality: Reinventing Moral Judgment by Redefining Harm. Revising Working Models Across Time: Relationship Situations That Enhance Attachment Security. Editorial. The Fragile Spell of Desire: A Functional Perspective on Changes in Sexual Desire Across Relationship Development. The Happy Culture: A Theoretical, Meta-Analytic, and Empirical Review of the Relationship Between Culture and Wealth and Subjective Well-Being. Communal Coping and Adjustment to Chronic Illness: Theory Update and Evidence. Bad is Stronger Than Good for Stigmatized, but Not Admired Outgroups: Meta-Analytical Tests of Intergroup Valence Asymmetry in Individual-to-Group Generalization Experiments The Role of Close Relationships in Terror Management: A Systematic Review and Research Agenda Self-Enhancement and Psychological Adjustment: A Meta-Analytic Review Associative Attitude Learning: A Closer Look at Evidence and How It Relates to Attitude Models Is Ego Depletion Real? An Analysis of Arguments The Relationships of Intergroup Ideologies to Ethnic Prejudice: A Meta-Analysis Toward a Research Agenda for the Study of Situation Perceptions: A Variance Componential Framework The Extended Contact Hypothesis: A Meta-Analysis on 20 Years of Research