Gratitude, freedom and refusal. Facing the unthinkable: Life-threatening illness in the analyst and its impact on the analytic couple. Entrenched grievance as a harbour for the unmourned. The aesthetic and affective matrix of pre-reflective sensemaking at the origins of the relationship between subject and world: A dialogue between Kant's Third Critique and psychoanalysis. Freud's interpretation in "Medusa's Head" and some alternative psychoanalytic implications of Ovid's Medusa. The psychoanalytic situation: Frame and/or setting. The psychoanalytic setting: José Bleger's encuadre . On the question of the internal frame. Frame, setting, process, and movement. Film review essay: Inside Llewyn Davis:Faltering steps in the incredible journey from adolescence to adulthood Psychoanalysis and ecology: the unconscious and the environment Creative repetition and intersubjectivity: contemporary Freudian explorations of trauma, memory and clinical process On Freud's “Moses and Monotheism” Psychoanalytic diaries of the COVID-19 pandemic Contributors and Reviewers for 2023 Editorial: IJP News for a New Year Letter from Florence* Intuition and we-nessin Bion and post-Bionian field theory Inhibition* Adjusting the distance Introduction of A candidate at Work: The case of Ms. N. A candidate at Work: The case of Ms. N Discussion of A candidate at Work: The case of Ms. N. Discussion of A candidate at Work: The case of Ms. N. Discussion of A candidate at Work: The case of Ms. N. Discussion of A candidate at Work: The case of Ms. N.* Response to the editors of Body as Psychoanalytic Object Concerning the nature of psychoanalysis: the persistence of a paradoxical discourse Change through time in psychoanalysis: transformations and interventions, the Three Level Model Imagining the end: mourning and ethical life Of fear and strangers. A history of xenophobia Anonymisation. Illusion, musicality, and evanescence. Blank pain and pathological mourning in the analytic situation. Mourning in Hamlet: Turning ancestral ghosts into ancestors. Effi Briest: The Uncanny, sexuality, and trauma. On looking into The Ego and the Id 100 years after its publication. "The Ego and the Id": How and why Freud transformed his model of the mind. The significance of the ego in "The Ego and the Id" and its unfulfilled promise. The Ego and the Id: Concepts and developments. Desexualization: An interesting problem in The Ego and the Id. A Kleinian appreciation of the Ego and the Id (1923–2023). Introduction to Jacques Lacan "Some Reflections on the Ego". Some reflections on the ego. The importance of play in early childhood education: Psychoanalytic, attachment and development perspectives: edited by Marilyn Charles and Jill Bellinson. New York: Routledge, 2019, 252pp. Travelling through time. How trauma plays itself out in families, organizations and society: by M. Gerard Fromm, Oxfordshire, Phoenix Publishing House, 2022, £26.09, ISBN-13:978-180013-025-8. Gender dysphoria: A therapeutic model for working with children, adolescents and young adults: by Susan Evans and Marcus Evans, Bicester, Phoenix Publishing House, 2021, £27.99, ISBN: 13: 978-1-912691-78-4. The Cambridge companion to literature and psychoanalysis,: edited by Vera J. Camden, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2022. 324 pp, £22.99 (paperback), £19.12 (hardcover), ISBN 978-1-108-73288-8. The analyst's torment: unbearable mental states in countertransference: by Dhwani Shah, Oxfordshire, Phoenix Publishing House, 2023, 189 pp., $37.95, ISBN: 978-1-91-269184-5. The missing: Exploring the use of photographs in "working through" the natal body with transgender youth.