Introduction. Dopamine and Addiction. Event Perception and Memory. How Interdisciplinary? Taking Stock of Decision-Making Research at the Intersection of Psychology and Law. Family Caregiving for Older Adults. Change of the Subject Editor in Silva Fennica Introduction. Face Processing in Infancy and Beyond: The Case of Social Categories. Reading Lies: Nonverbal Communication and Deception. Revenge: A Multilevel Review and Synthesis. Self-Control and Academic Achievement. Attachment in Adulthood: Recent Developments, Emerging Debates, and Future Directions. The Psychology of Cultural Dynamics: What Is It, What Do We Know, and What Is Yet to Be Known? Remembering: An Activity of Mind and Brain. Retrieval of Emotional Events from Memory. Social Media Elements, Ecologies, and Effects. Collective Choice, Collaboration, and Communication. Unfairness and Radicalization. Multisensory Integration as a Window into Orderly and Disrupted Cognition and Communication. Judging Truth. Functional Specialization in the Attention Network. New Paradigms in the Psychology of Reasoning. The Neurocognition of Developmental Disorders of Language. Concepts and Compositionality: In Search of the Brain's Language of Thought. The Acquisition of Person Knowledge. Integrating Empathy and Interpersonal Emotion Regulation. Self and Others in Adolescence. Judgment and Decision Making. Computational Models of Memory Search. Depression's Unholy Trinity: Dysregulated Stress, Immunity, and the Microbiome. Rethinking Food Reward. Emotional Objectivity: Neural Representations of Emotions and Their Interaction with Cognition. Implicit Social Cognition. Prefrontal Regulation of Threat-Elicited Behaviors: A Pathway to Translation. Introduction. Annual Review of Psychology Volume 69 Introduction The Properties and Antecedents of Hedonic Decline How We Hear: The Perception and Neural Coding of Sound The Psychology of Music: Rhythm and Movement Multistable Perception and the Role of the Frontoparietal Cortex in Perceptual Inference Ensemble Perception Neuro-, Cardio-, and Immunoplasticity: Effects of Early Adversity The Prefrontal Cortex and Neurological Impairments of Active Thought Infant Statistical Learning How Children Solve the Two Challenges of Cooperation Linking Language and Cognition in Infancy Cognitive Foundations of Learning from Testimony Gender Stereotypes Attitudes and Attitude Change. Attitudes and Attitude Change