Introduction. Beyond the Tricks: The Science and Comparative Cognition of Magic. Why We Should Stop Trying to Fix Women: How Context Shapes and Constrains Women's Career Trajectories. Introduction. Introduction Surviving While Black: Systemic Racism and Psychological Resilience. Surviving While Black: Systemic Racism and Psychological Resilience Understanding the Need for Sleep to Improve Cognition Rethinking Vision and Action. Rethinking Vision and Action The Development of Color Perception and Cognition Turning Attention Inside Out: How Working Memory Serves Behavior Determinants of Social Cognitive Aging: Predicting Resilience and Risk Self-Continuity Psychology of Climate Change Psychology of Climate Change Stress Management Interventions to Facilitate Psychological and Physiological Adaptation and Optimal Health Outcomes in Cancer Patients and Survivors Pride: The Emotional Foundation of Social Rank Attainment. Pride: The Emotional Foundation of Social Rank Attainment The Psychology of Athletic Endeavor Computational Social Psychology. Resilience and Disaster: Flexible Adaptation in the Face of Uncertain Threat. How Can People Become Happier? A Systematic Review of Preregistered Experiments. Modeling Similarity and Psychological Space. Cultural Psychology: Beyond East and West. Psychological Flexibility, Chronic Pain, and Health. Pursuing Safety in Social Connection: A Flexibly Fluid Perspective on Risk Regulation in Relationships. The Relation Between Attention and Memory. The Moral Psychology of Artificial Intelligence. Metacognition and Confidence: A Review and Synthesis. A Systematic Review of Implementation Research on Determinants and Strategies of Effective HIV Interventions for Men Who Have Sex with Men in the United States. Sexual Incentive Motivation and Sexual Behavior: The Role of Consent. Music Training and Nonmusical Abilities. Achievement Goals: A Social Influence Cycle. Serial Dependence in Perception. Knowledge Transfer Within Organizations: Mechanisms, Motivation, and Consideration. What Does the Human Olfactory System Do, and How Does It Do It? The Neurobiology of Activational Aspects of Motivation: Exertion of Effort, Effort-Based Decision Making, and the Role of Dopamine. Moral Improvement of Self, Social Relations, and Society. Norm Dynamics: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Social Norm Emergence, Persistence, and Change. The Neuroscience of Human and Artificial Intelligence Presence. Social Media and Morality. Understanding Human Object Vision: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Representations What Are Conspiracy Theories? A Definitional Approach to Their Correlates, Consequences, and Communication Embracing Complexity: A Review of Negotiation Research Psychology of Climate Change Emotion in Organizations: Theory and Research Psychosocial and Integrative Oncology: Interventions Across the Disease Trajectory A Socioecological-Genetic Framework of Culture and Personality: Their Roots, Trends, and Interplay The Development of Color Perception and Cognition