Assessing the data quality of AdHawk MindLink eye-tracking glasses Large eye-head gaze shifts measured with a wearable eye tracker and an industrial camera. A hybrid approach to dynamic cognitive psychometrics : Dynamic cognitive psychometrics. The Index of Intrusion Control (IIC): Capturing individual variability in intentional intrusion control in the laboratory The effectiveness of warning statements in reducing careless responding in crowdsourced online surveys. What do we manipulate when reminding people of (not) having control? In search of construct validity. Automated scoring of the autobiographical interview with natural language processing. Development of an open-source solution to facilitate the use of one-button wearables in experience sampling designs. Implementation of an online spacing flanker task and evaluation of its test-retest reliability using measures of inhibitory control and the distribution of spatial attention. On the reliability of value-modulated attentional capture: An online replication and multiverse analysis Short-time AOIs-based representative scanpath identification and scanpath aggregation Some students are more equal: Performance in Author Recognition Test and Title Recognition Test modulated by print exposure and academic background Diminished diversity-of-thought in a standard large language model Can generative AI infer thinking style from language? Evaluating the utility of AI as a psychological text analysis tool Can large language models help augment English psycholinguistic datasets? Automated facial expression measurement in a longitudinal sample of 4- and 8-month-olds: Baby FaceReader 9 and manual coding of affective expressions Ant colony optimization for parallel test assembly Handling dependent samples in meta-analytic structural equation models: A Wishart-based approach. thebeat: A Python package for working with rhythms and other temporal sequences. Statistical power analysis and sample size planning for moderated mediation models. The Index of Intrusion Control (IIC): Capturing individual variability in intentional intrusion control in the laboratory. Measurement reactivity in ambulatory assessment: Increase in emotional clarity over time independent of sampling frequency. The Emotion-to-Music Mapping Atlas (EMMA): A systematically organized online database of emotionally evocative music excerpts. Revisiting Snodgrass and Vanderwart in photograph form: The Keele Photo Stimulus Set (KPSS). Evaluating two small-sample corrections for fixed-effects standard errors and inferences in multilevel models with heteroscedastic, unbalanced, clustered data. eyeScrollR: A software method for reproducible mapping of eye-tracking data from scrollable web pages. Modality matters: Three auditory conflict tasks to measure individual differences in attention control. A Mixture Fluency model using responses and response times with cognitive diagnosis model framework. NSP-SCD: A corpus construction protocol for child-directed print in understudied languages. Testing the validity of a self-report scale, author recognition test, and book counting as measures of lifetime exposure to print fiction. The timing database: An open-access, live repository for interval timing studies. Assessing partial errors via analog gaming keyboards in response conflict tasks: A proof-of-concept study with the concealed information test. A state response measurement model for problem-solving process data. GoFish:A low-cost, open-source platform for closed-loop behavioural experiments on fish. A Chinese verb semantic feature dataset (CVFD). The face inversion effect does not provide a pure measure of holistic face processing. Does the choice of a linear trend-assessment technique matter in the context of single-case data? The complexity of measuring reliability in learning tasks: An illustration using the Alternating Serial Reaction Time Task. Accelerating item factor analysis on GPU with Python package xifa. Webcam-based eye tracking to detect mind wandering and comprehension errors. Examining the normality assumption of a design-comparable effect size in single-case designs. The Headphone and Loudspeaker Test–Part II: A comprehensive method for playback device screening in Internet experiments Using facial expressions instead of response keys in the implicit association test TRACK—a new algorithm and open-source tool for the analysis of pursuit-tracking sensorimotor integration processes Assessing the reliability of web-based measurements of visual function Easy, bias-free Bayesian hierarchical modeling of the psychometric function using the Palamedes Toolbox VOIS: A framework for recording Voice Over Internet Surveys The effect of staircase stopping accuracy and testing environment on stop-signal reaction time ORCA: A picture database of object–scene arrangements for cross-cultural and aging research Visualization of latent components assessed in O*Net occupations (VOLCANO): A robust method for standardized conversion of occupational labels to ratio scale format