A web-based interface to calculate phonological neighborhood density for words and nonwords in Modern Standard Arabic. The effect of latent and error non-normality on corrections to the test statistic in structural equation modeling. A mixture Rasch facets model for rater's illusory halo effects. Distilling vector space model scores for the assessment of constructed responses with bifactor Inbuilt Rubric method and latent variables. The use of a tablet-based app for investigating the influence of autistic and ADHD traits on performance in a complex drawing task. An exploration of error-driven learning in simple two-layer networks from a discriminative learning perspective. Response tendencies due to item wording using eye-tracking methodology accounting for individual differences and item characteristics. Visual and semantic similarity norms for a photographic image stimulus set containing recognizable objects, animals and scenes. Fixation classification: how to merge and select fixation candidates Test-retest reliability and practice effect of the Leuven Perceptual Organisation Screening Test The Online Coalition Game: A tool for online interactive coalition formation research. Quantifying children's sensorimotor experience: Child body-object interaction ratings for 3359 English words. Expanding horizons of cross-linguistic research on reading: The Multilingual Eye-movement Corpus (MECO). Contrasting domain-general and domain-specific accounts in cognitive neuropsychology: An outline of a new approach with developmental prosopagnosia as a case. UCancellation: A new mobile measure of selective attention and concentration. Development and validation of a new methodological platform to measure behavioral, cognitive, and physiological responses to food interventions in real time. The kleineWeltentdecker App - A smartphone-based developmental diary. Compatibility in imputation specification. Applying multiverse analysis to experience sampling data: Investigating whether preprocessing choices affect robustness of conclusions. Modeling of correlated cognitive function and functional disability outcomes with bounded and missing data in a longitudinal aging study. The randomized marker method for single-case randomization tests: Handling data missing at random and data missing not at random. The paired A-Not A design within signal detection theory: Description, differentiation, power analysis and application. Power analysis of longitudinal studies with piecewise linear growth and attrition. Chronometry of distractor views to discover the thinking process of students during a computer knowledge test. Understanding the role of subpopulations and reliability in between-group studies. Age of Exposure 2.0: Estimating word complexity using iterative models of word embeddings. Sufficient reliability of the behavioral and computational readouts of a probabilistic reversal learning task. REPP: A robust cross-platform solution for online sensorimotor synchronization experiments. Machine learning to detect invalid text responses: Validation and comparison to existing detection methods. Correction to: Editorial: Into a new decade. Assessing oral reading fluency within and across grade levels: Development of equated test forms. Measuring national mood with music: using machine learning to construct a measure of national valence from audio data. Integrating web applications into popular survey platforms for online experiments. Introducing the female Cambridge face memory test - long form (F-CFMT+). Lying on the Dissection Table: Anatomizing Faked Responses mixtur: An R package for designing, analysing, and modelling continuous report visual short-term memory studies A Novel Approach for Developing Efficient and Convenient Short Assessments to Approximate a Long Assessment Self-report and facial expression indicators of team cohesion development. Level-specific residuals and diagnostic measures, plots, and tests for random effects selection in multilevel and mixed models. A practical guide for studying human behavior in the lab. Equivalent statistics for a one-sample t-test. A simple method for comparing peripheral and central color vision by means of two smartphones. Quantifying social semantics: An inclusive definition of socialness and ratings for 8388 English words. Does online masked priming pass the test? The effects of prime exposure duration on masked identity priming. A new robust multivariate mode estimator for eye-tracking calibration. A large-scaled corpus for assessing text readability. Audio-Tokens: A toolbox for rating, sorting and comparing audio samples in the browser. Iranian emotional face database: Acquisition and validation of a stimulus set of basic facial expressions. Assessing anxiety-linked impairment in attentional control without eye-tracking: The masked-target antisaccade task. DIY bootstrapping: Getting the nonparametric bootstrap confidence interval in SPSS for any statistics or function of statistics (when this bootstrapping is appropriate).