PCovR2: A flexible principal covariates regression approach to parsimoniously handle multiple criterion variables. On the equivalency of factor and network loadings. Improving reverse correlation analysis of faces: Diagnostics of order effects, runs, rater agreement, and image pairs. Toggle toolkit: A tool for conducting experiments in unity virtual environments. Eye tracking in human interaction: Possibilities and limitations. A database of general knowledge question performance in older adults. SimplePhy: An open-source tool for quick online perception experiments. Affective and psycholinguistic norms for German conceptual metaphors (COMETA). Bayesian regression-based developmental norms for the Benton Facial Recognition Test in males and females. Handling missing data in randomization tests for single-case experiments: A simulation study. MixWILD: A program for examining the effects of variance and slope of time-varying variables in intensive longitudinal data. Modeling list-strength and spacing effects using version 3 of the retrieving effectively from memory (REM.3) model and its superimposition-of-similar-images assumption. Verbal analogy problem sets: An inventory of testing materials. Best practices for Electronically Activated Recorder (EAR) research: A practical guide to coding and processing EAR data. A hidden Markov model for analyzing eye-tracking of moving objects : Case study in a sustained attention paradigm. Quantifying idiosyncratic and shared contributions to judgment. mobileQ: A free user-friendly application for collecting experiencesampling data. The impact of slippage on the data quality of head-worn eye trackers. GlassesViewer: Open-source software for viewing and analyzing data from the Tobii Pro Glasses 2 eye tracker. The influence of nonnormality from primary studies on the standardized mean difference in meta-analysis. Speeding up the detection of non-iconic and iconic gestures (SPUDNIG): A toolkit for the automatic detection of hand movements and gestures in video data. From sterile labs to rich VR: Immersive multisensory context critical for odors to induce motivated cleaning behavior. Introducing CUSTOM: A customized, ultraprecise, standardization-oriented, multipurpose algorithm for generating nonsymbolic number stimuli. Contact Logger: Measuring everyday intergroup contact experiences in near-time. Simultaneous tracking of psychophysical detection thresholds and evoked potentials to study nociceptive processing. Using information-theoretic measures to characterize the structure of the writing system: the case of orthographic-phonological regularities in English. Perceptual modality norms for 1,121 Italian words: A comparison with concreteness and imageability scores and an analysis of their impact in word processing tasks. Completion norms for 3085 English sentence contexts. Optimal planned missing data design for linear latent growth curve models. Detecting which variables alter component interpretation across multiple groups: A resampling-based method Repeated measures regression mixture models Two-part mixed-effects location scale models. Improving parameter recovery for conflict drift-diffusion models. Multi-time-point analysis: A time course analysis with functional near-infrared spectroscopy. Ambulatory assessment of language use: Evidence on the temporal stability of Electronically Activated Recorder and stream of consciousness data. A Set of 200 Musical Stimuli Varying in Balance, Contour, Symmetry, and Complexity: Behavioral and Computational Assessments. Vampires and nurses are rated differently by younger and older adults-Age-comparative norms of imageability and emotionality for about 2500 German nouns. Semantic transparency effects in German compounds: A large dataset and multiple-task investigation. Matrices of the frequency and similarity of Arabic letters and allographs. Investigating real-time social interaction in pairs of adolescents with the Perceptual Crossing Experiment. Test treatment effect differences in repeatedly measured symptoms with binary values: The matched correspondence analysis approach. The spatial arrangement method of measuring similarity can capture high-dimensional semantic structures. How do Spanish speakers read words? Insights from a crowdsourced lexical decision megastudy. Optimizing Detection of True Within-Person Effects for Intensive Measurement Designs: A Comparison of Multilevel SEM and Unit-Weighted Scale Scores. Spanish affective normative data for 1,406 words rated by children and adolescents (SANDchild). Longform recordings of everyday life: Ethics for best practices. Investigating immediacy in multiple-phase-change single-case experimental designs using a Bayesian unknown change-points model. Modeling pupil responses to rapid sequential events. Multilevel meta-analysis of multiple regression coefficients from single-case experimental studies. OpenMATB: A Multi-Attribute Task Battery promoting task customization, software extensibility and experiment replicability.