Science that Inspires Functional Use of Eye Movements for an Acting System. The Continuity of Context: A Role for the Hippocampus. Controlled Optimism: Reply to Sun and Firestone on the Dark Room Problem Curious Inferences: Reply to Sun and Firestone on the Dark Room Problem Optimism and Pessimism in the Predictive Brain What Are Memories For? The Hippocampus Bridges Past Experience with Future Decisions Prefrontal Cortex and Consciousness: Beware of the Signals. Predicting to Perceive and Learning When to Learn Learning to Perceive and Perceiving to Learn Why Social Status Is Essential (But Sometimes Insufficient) for Leadership Leadership and Status in Mammalian Societies: Context Matters Broca’s Area Is Not a Natural Kind Digital Emotion Contagion Overarching States of Mind Could It Be So? The Cognitive Science of Possibility Human Decision-Making beyond the Rational Decision Theory The Perceptual Prediction Paradox Temporal Junctures in the Mind The Acquisition of Modal Concepts Space: A Missing Piece of the Dynamic Puzzle. Finessing the Bored Monkey Problem. Reevaluating the Role of Persistent Neural Activity in Short-Term Memory Space, Time, and Fear: Survival Computations along Defensive Circuits Why Are Self-Report and Behavioral Measures Weakly Correlated? Unravelling the Neurobiology of Interoceptive Inference Deficits in Spontaneous Cognition as an Early Marker of Alzheimer’s Disease Linking Structure and Function in Macroscale Brain Networks Interpersonal Neural Entrainment during Early Social Interaction Advances in Emotion-Regulation Choice from Experience Sampling Reward Prediction Error and Declarative Memory Binding and Retrieval in Action Control (BRAC) The Dark Room Problem Face and Voice Perception: Understanding Commonalities and Differences Argument Quality in Real World Argumentation Knowing Ourselves Together: The Cultural Origins of Metacognition Are Human Dendrites Different? All Thinking is ‘Wishful’ Thinking Sleep Loss and the Socio-Emotional Brain Synchronisation of Neural Oscillations and Cross-modal Influences Unraveling the Mysteries of Motivation Pupil Size as a Window on Neural Substrates of Cognition. Seeing Visual Gamma Oscillations in a New Light Deconstructing the Posterior Medial Episodic Network. The Hidden Talents Approach: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges An Allostatic Theory of Oxytocin Peer influence in adolescence: Public-health implications for COVID-19 Understanding Image Memorability Catastrophe Compassion: Understanding and Extending Prosociality Under Crisis. Somatosensation in the Brain: A Theoretical Re-evaluation and a New Model.