Advisory Board and Contents Subscription and Copyright Information Advisory Board and Contents Subscription and Copyright Information The computational roots of positivity and confirmation biases in reinforcement learning Computational ethics Undersociality: miscalibrated social cognition can inhibit social connection Advisory Board and Contents Subscription and Copyright Information Intrinsic neural timescales: temporal integration and segregation. Dehumanization: trends, insights, and challenges. Mind-wandering: mechanistic insights from lesion, tDCS, and iEEG. Semantic tiles or hub-and-spokes? Mapping the social landscape: tracking patterns of interpersonal relationships. The importance of an exaggerated attention bottleneck for understanding psychopathy Comparing wolves and dogs: current status and implications for human ‘self-domestication’ Can't wait or won't wait? The two barriers to patient decisions. Cluttered memory representations shape cognition in old age. Closed-loop neuromodulation for studying spontaneous activity and causality. What kind of network is the brain? Face perception: computational insights from phylogeny Associative symmetry: a divide between humans and nonhumans? Good-enough language production Explaining semantic typology, forms and all The complicated but solvable threat–politics relationship On second thoughts: changes of mind in decision-making Seeing men everywhere, even in toast. Understanding the human brain: insights from comparative biology The relationship between habits and motor skills in humans Communicating uncertainty using words and numbers. A leaky evidence accumulation process for perceptual experience. Free will without consciousness? Memory leaks: information shared across memory systems Abstract task representations for inference and control The role of the locus coeruleus in shaping adaptive cortical melodies Ritalin as a causal perturbation. Interoceptive pathways to understand and treat mental health conditions. Can sequencing explain the in-out effect? Easy does it: sequencing explains the in-out effect. Effortless training of attention and self-control: mechanisms and applications. Social cognition in insects Defining dehumanization broadly does not mean including everything. How variability shapes learning and generalization. If everything is dehumanization, then nothing is. Children’s thinking about group-based social hierarchies Reconsidering autistic ‘camouflaging’ as transactional impression management Efficiently irrational: deciphering the riddle of human choice. The strength of weak integrated information theory Emotional contagion and prosocial behavior in rodents The cultural learning account of first impressions