Could It Be So? The Cognitive Science of Possibility Human Decision-Making beyond the Rational Decision Theory The Perceptual Prediction Paradox Temporal Junctures in the Mind The Acquisition of Modal Concepts Eye Movements and Comprehension Are Important to Reading You Can’t Recognize Two Words Simultaneously Consciousness Is Not Key in the Serial-versus-Parallel Debate Preregistration Is Hard, And Worthwhile What Underlies Political Polarization? A Manifesto for Computational Political Psychology Ontogenetic Origins of Human Integer Representations The Misestimation of Uncertainty in Affective Disorders. Sculpting Remote Memory: Enduring Hippocampal Traces and vmPFC Reconstructive Processes. Consolidating the Case for Transient Hippocampal Memory Traces. Lesion Studies in Contemporary Neuroscience. How Plants Shape the Mind Neural Dedifferentiation in the Aging Brain Gamma Oscillations Shape Pain in Animals and Humans Editors, Contents, Cover details. Letter: High Action Values Occur Near Our Body Letter: The Value of Actions, in Time and Space Opinion: Holistic Reinforcement Learning: The Role of Structure and Attention Opinion: Brain Modularity: A Biomarker of Intervention-related Plasticity Review: Exercise and Hippocampal Memory Systems Review: Cognitive Control of Escape Behaviour Review: The Prefrontal Cortex and Obesity: A Health Neuroscience Perspective Editors, Contents, Cover details. Review: Theories of Error Back-Propagation in the Brain Letter: How Effective Is Online Outrage? Letter: Asking Different Questions about Outrage: A Reply to Brady and Crockett Opinion: Ownership Matters: People Possess a Naïve Theory of Ownership Opinion: Hallucinations and Strong Priors Review: Forms and Functions of the Self-Conscious Emotions Cognitive and Neural Bases of Multi-Attribute, Multi-Alternative, Value-based Decisions Explanation as a Cognitive Process An Evolutionary Perspective on Why Food Overconsumption Impairs Cognition. Opinion: Herding Brains: A Core Neural Mechanism for Social Alignment Forum: Memory Consolidation during Waking Rest Feature Review: Dopamine and Cognitive Control in Prefrontal Cortex Switching Software in Science: Motivations, Challenges, and Solutions. Opinion: Deep Neural Networks as Scientific Models Letter: Three Criteria for Evaluating High-Level Processing in Continuous Flash Suppression Forum: A Dopaminergic Basis for Fear Extinction Forum: A Semantic Network Cartography of the Creative Mind Review: Shared Neural Mechanisms of Visual Perception and Imagery Scientific Life: Emerging Opportunities for Advancing Cognitive Neuroscience Coupling Inner and Outer Body for Self-Consciousness. Opinion: Children’s Sense of Fairness as Equal Respect Forum: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A Pathology of Self-Confidence? Review: Can’t or Won’t? Immunometabolic Constraints on Dopaminergic Drive