Worth the Effort: the Start and Stick to Desirable Difficulties (S2D2) Framework To Clarity and Beyond: Situating Higher-Order, Critical, and Critical-Analytic Thinking in the Literature on Learning from Multiple Texts Situating Higher-Order, Critical, and Critical-Analytic Thinking in Problem- and Project-Based Learning Environments: A Systematic Review “Here Be Dragons!” Mapping the Realm of Higher-Order, Critical, and Critical-Analytic Thinking How do Students Regulate Their Use of Multiple Choice Practice Tests? Theories of Motivation in Education: an Integrative Framework Text Generation Benefits Learning: a Meta-Analytic Review A Systematic Review of Secondary School Climate Assessments How to Make Recommendations for Educational Practice from Correlational Data Using Structural Equation Models Too Much of a Good Thing Might Be Bad: the Double-Edged Sword of Parental Aspirations and the Adverse Effects of Aspiration-Expectation Gaps Peer Victimization: an Integrative Review and Cross-National Test of a Tripartite Model Making Sense of Generative Learning When More Is Not Better: Effects of Interim Testing and Feature Highlighting in Natural Category Learning Improving Computer-Assisted Language Learning Through the Lens of Cognitive Load Active Student Participation in Whole-School Interventions in Secondary School. A Systematic Literature Review Bird’s-Eye View of Cue Integration: Exposing Instructional and Task Design Factors Which Bias Problem Solvers Should researchers make causal inferences and recommendations for practice on the basis of nonexperimental studies? John Glover: a Long Overdue Account of His Productive Scholarship Methods Integrating Motivation and Instruction: Towards a Unified Approach in Educational Psychology On the Horizon: the Promise and Power of Higher Order, Critical, and Critical Analytical Thinking. A Meta-analysis of the Worked Examples Effect on Mathematics Performance Gender Differences in Spatial Ability: a Critical Review Writing Motivation Questionnaire: Factorial and Construct Validity with Middle School Students How Strong Is the Evidence for a Causal Reciprocal Effect? Contrasting Traditional and New Methods to Investigate the Reciprocal Effects Model of Self-Concept and Achievement Development and Validation of a Theory-Based Questionnaire to Measure Different Types of Cognitive Load Commentary on Highly Successful Female Educational Psychologists: Equity and Intersectionality in Success Definitions Australian School Staff and Allied Health Professional Perspectives of Mental Health Literacy in Schools: a Mixed Methods Study Finger Use and Arithmetic Skills in Children and Adolescents: a Scoping Review What Is the Source of the Correlation Between Reading and Mathematics Achievement? Two Meta-analytic Studies Is Teachers' Well-Being Associated with Students' School Experience? A Meta-Analysis of Cross-Sectional Evidence Motivational, Identity-Based, and Self-Regulatory Factors Associated with Academic Achievement of US Collegiate Student-Athletes: A Meta-Analytic Investigation Women as Top-Producing Authors, Editors, and Editorial Board Members in Educational Psychology Journals from 2017 to 2021 Disentangling the Association Between the Big Five Personality Traits and Student Achievement: Meta-Analytic Evidence on the Role of Domain Specificity and Achievement Measures The Long-Term Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Children’s Writing: a Follow-up Replication Study Test Anxiety: An Integration of the Test Anxiety and Achievement Motivation Research Traditions A Systematic Review of Peer Assessment Design Elements The Influence of Diagnostic Labels on the Evaluation of Students: a Multilevel Meta-Analysis Promoting Temporal Investigations of Development in Context: a Systematic Review of Longitudinal Research Linking Childhood Circumstances and Learning-related Outcomes Effectiveness of Interventions that Foster Reading Motivation: a Meta-analysis Visualizing a Task Performer’s Gaze to Foster Observers’ Performance and Learning—a Systematic Literature Review on Eye Movement Modeling Examples Cognitive Control in Adolescents and Young Adults with Media Multitasking Experience: a Three-Level Meta-analysis Assessing Writing Motivation: a Systematic Review of K-5 Students'Self-Reports Agency in Educational Technology: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Implications for Learning Design Intervention Programs Targeting the Mental Health, Professional Burnout, and/or Wellbeing of School Teachers: Systematic Review and Meta-Analyses Culture, Motivation, Self-Regulation, and the Impactful Work of Dennis M. McInerney Critical Thinking and Its Relation to Strategic Processing Does Professional Development Effectively Support the Implementation of Inclusive Education? A Meta-Analysis Elucidating the Associations Between Achievement Goals and Academic Dishonesty: a Meta-analysis Interventions and Approaches Targeting Early Self-Regulation or Executive Functioning in Preschools: A Systematic Review Psychological Benefits of Attending Forest School for Preschool Children: a Systematic Review